Casio CZ-101 Synthesizer w/ SoftPot Ribbon Mod

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"Includes Blacet Instantmod modulation ribbon."

Rendez Vous Four - Jean Michel Jarre (8bit version)

Published on Oct 18, 2017 fernando Costa Tecladista

versão 8 bits
Rendez Vous Four - IV
disco de 1986

teclados usados


CASIO DH-100 midi digital horn – vintage Saxophone synthesizer w/ MIDI Out

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"Casio DH-100 is a monophonic MIDI instrument with 6 tone's : Saxophone,Trumpet,Synth Reed,Oboe,Clarinet,Flute.

It’s NOT working, if powered on it emit strange sounds, no time for test or repair, I sell it in AS-IS conditions and AS SEEN on the auction pics."

Curios if the MIDI out still works for playing other synths.

Circuit bent casio pt82 " Dark planet " synth

Published on Jan 22, 2014 viscountgreen1

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"This units original features include

8 tones
12 rhythm patterns
32 mini keys
one key play
vol/tempo/melody/auto play controls
3.5mm jack output.
rom pack included.

It has been modified with 4 rotary controls which include
extreme pitch down, low/high filter, extreme oscillation and low
sync follower which interact with one another

Casio XW-P1 : noodling with a "lo-fi" sound

Published on Oct 14, 2017 Nice and Synths

"This video contains some noise from a Casio XW-P1. It was recorded to PC via a Focusrite Scarlett 18i6. No processing was done to the audio, this is just direct sound from the synthesizer.

The sound is just a hex layer pad type sound, using the XW-P1's "Lo-Fi" DSP effect. Part of this effect is a crude bit-crushing type...thing. I am using that to get

X1L3 - circuit bent - PT87 - harsh noise and power electronix redux

Published on Oct 15, 2017 manufacturedZ3R0

"Revisiting the PT87 for what is probably the last time with 32 minutes of post optimism improvised power electronics.


Cleared out the hoard of these in the circuit bending stash recently and modified them all. They're becoming harder and harder to get these days and this is most likely the last run of them from

Casio LD-80 with Korg ARP Odyssey

Published on Oct 12, 2017 Doug Plate

"Using an inexpensive Casio LD-80 to control the Odyssey via MIDI. For me, it's just a novelty because I am not a drummer and have awful stick control. Just wanted to give a short demo to spark your imagination."

Vintage CASIO VL-5 VL-Tone w/ Original Box & Extras

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"This is a vintage Casio VL-Tone Electronic Musical Instrument Keyboard Synthesizer, mode VL-5. Item has been fully tested and is functioning properly. Comes in original box, with manual, songbook, soft case, and barcode reader. Excellent cosmetic condition, no signs of wear on unit. Soft case has some light age-spotting."

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