Jingle Bells - J.Pierpont

Published on Dec 12, 2017 fernando Costa Tecladista

"James Lord Pierpont (Boston, 25 de abril de 1822 — Winter Haven, 5 de agosto de 1893)[1] foi um compositor, letrista e organista norte-americano, famoso por ter, em 1857, composto e escrito 'Jingle Bells' (originalmente 'One Horse Open Sleigh'), que mais tarde se tornou a mais famosa canção natalina do mundo

teclados usados
yamaha: PSR-EW400

CASIO CZ-1 SOUND DEMO - Lost Patrol Theme

Published on Nov 24, 2017 tiergrinder

"Casio CZ-1, digital synth from 1986.

Instead of the more popular FM synthesis, CZ-1 uses PD (Phase Distortion) synthesis to create sounds.

While it doesn't sound exactly like an FM Synth, it can get to same region and beyond. CZ-1 shines on bright metallic and bell sounds. It also does pretty good string , brass and pad sounds, especially when two sounds

Casio VZ-1 demo - Cyber Textures

Published on Nov 12, 2017 Dual Shaman

"Performing a number custom Casio VZ-1 patches fed through Strymon Bluesky."

CASIO Digital Horn DH-500 Duo / Six Oyatsu Duets

Published on Nov 12, 2017 mkirino01

"Equipment: CASIO DH-500 (Digital Horn), and Apple Logic Pro9 (multitrack audio recording with reverb effects)

Songs:Oyatsu Duets. comp. by Kazuhiro Takeda (オヤツな二重奏, 武田和大 作曲)


[[ Oyatsu Duets (OD) ]]
0:00 OD#001 Da Capo (FLUTE/CLARINET)
0:47 OD#009 Bubbles and Marbles (TRUMPET/SAXOPHONE)
1:11 OD#006 Konpeito Hajiketa (

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