Alessandro Cortini - Lecture at Concordia University

"Audio recording of Alessandro Cortini's lecture and demonstration of his Buchla 200e modular synthesizer."

via Daphne and Richard Lainhart.

Buchla Ken Kesey

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According to the description this is at the Cantos Foundation museum in Calgary Alberta and is still working. It was designed for Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. Note the Ken Kesey's signature.

Buchla Easel Card

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"This is used to store presets..."

Bottom shot for perspective. Note the small patch point connectors.

Update: Chad made an interesting point in the comments. "You can also brush your finger across the board while playing for cool little blips of sound as new connections are made between your finger and the board. :)"

Circuit bending a Buchla? A bit blasphemous but this would be one way to do it.

Update: if you haven't already, be sure to see these two videos of Charles Cohen for this technique [thanks to Wavedeform for the reminder in the comments]:
Charles Cohen Vs. Chrome Genie - 1/3/09 - Philadelphia

Wall of KORGS and Two Buchla 200e

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These are from the Cantos Foundation

buchla is love (draft two)

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"Draft version 2.0

Drew many little versions of a buchla before doing this version. Problem is that it still doesn't look quite right. Need to sketch more. Keeping the rounded corners (for the cuddly effect).

The original can be found here.

Alessandro Cortini circa 2009 and Buchla 200e."

mono-poly - noiseringkleebuchla100noodleXXXL

via mono-poly in the comments of this post
"self playing patch on my homepage with the blippoo and buchla 100 done, and of course the great wiard noisering and kee sequencer."

You can find an image of mono-poly's set up on his home page.
You can find more of his audio experiments on his OVI channel, The Daily Noodle.

Alessandro Cortini in Toronto

YouTube via hellobrig. Buchla 200e http://blindoldfreak.com/
"Blindoldfreak at The Drake on February 5th, 2009."

via Daphne
"Alessandro will have his first EP, "1", will be available as a digital download come February 20th. You can hear previews on Amazon right now." click here

the 258v

clone of the Buchla 258 oscillator. More info on Buchla Tech.

Blindoldfreak Set Pics

You can find some images of Alessandro Cortini's recent performances with the Buchla 200e here.

Note these are from the same sets in the videos posted here.


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