Todd Barton, Live at Modular 8, February 11, 2018

Published on Feb 23, 2018 Modular8

"Todd performing an amazing set with his minimally patched (naked) Buchla Music Easel at our First Anniversary Party! Thank you Todd!"

Line-in audio slowly begin to fade in at around 1:08.

Album Heart Murmur by Kai Niggemann - Split Tape with Buchla 200e & Mini Buchla 200e DIY-Papercraft

Heart Murmur by Kai Niggemann

Kai Niggemann wrote in to let us know he has a new release on Bandcamp, titled Album Heart Murmur. You can find the embed above. There is a 10" vinyl version that comes with a little Buchla 200e papercraft pictured below. For MATRIXSYNTH readers, Kai is also offering the papercraft for free, or rather just the cost of shipping. If you'd like one you can PayPal

Comb-Filter big time

Comb-Filter big time from Jochen Bohnes on Vimeo.

testing comb-filters ... - very impressed by the BEAP comb filter (Gen~), implemented from the algorithm given in "Digital Sound Generation 2" from ICST Zurich by (the fabulous) Peter McCulloch in 2012.

buchla 200 lullaby.

Published on Feb 23, 2018 Alessandro Cortini


Buchla - played in tune

Buchla - played in tune from Jochen Bohnes on Vimeo.

"For this video I used the half of a 158, 258r and 291 running into a 292 and 227e. Other hardware: RISE (single) to Max to Expert Sleepers ES-40 and ESX-8CV. Envelope Generator (Max) controls the 292, (Yamaha FC9) Expression- and Sustain-Pedal are connected via ADDAC Floor Control (no Max)."

16 02 18 Buchla Modular System

Published on Feb 16, 2018 batchas

"For the pleasure of patching.
Some automated switches + preset goes from 1 to 30 sequentially. I also switch BD and HH from BugBrand DRM1 manually.

Difficult to make it more complex in one 30 mins session, though thanks to preset manager I was able to catch on the latest session I did where this patch took birth.
This time the 248 is also not ext. clocked/


Harmonized from Jochen Bohnes on Vimeo.

"Finally, I've reached the 70s (again!).
5 oscillators, 2 as an octave for "melody", in between 3 harmonic tones. I've written a 5 octave harmonization of 12 tones, every octave different - done with Max/MSP.
For a slight detune I used a wrong calibration curve with one of the two melody oscillators."

Teenage Engineering OP-1 sequencing Buchla Music Easel

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Red Idiot

"Maybe I’m the only one interested, but here we go. To control the Buchla with the OP-1 with with external clock might seem like an easy thing to do, but for me it took a great deal of research.

To begin with, my BEMI Easel from 2015 has been really hard to control with external pitch cv. If I calibrate the 208 to work with the 218 keyboard it's no longer

Super Rare Buchla Thunder Ribbon Midi Controller SN 1072

via this auction

"In a nutshell, it is a configurable controller. You tell each key what to do. It is hugely flexible. Each key can send on any mixture of MIDI channels. Each can send note on/off data and a huge range of user configurable controller data. Keys can be conditional in reaction to each other in a manner summarized as "don't do this unless that has happened first on Key 13" or

Buchla Easel Concrète Scale

Published on Feb 5, 2018 Todd Barton

"Not your typical chromatic scale…more like a musique concrète or prepared piano scale!"

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