Brother GX-151 Synthesizer + Vesta Kozo DIG-412B Digital Delay test

Published on Nov 14, 2017 SUBTOKYOSHOP

"Brother GX-151 'Auto Emilion' Synthesizer + Vesta Kozo DIG-412B 80's Vintage Digital Delay test"

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You can find one more demo of the Brother GX-151 from 2008 here. I'm guessing Brother is the same company that made typewriters. I own a Brother PDC 100 MIDI recorder which has the same Brother logo as on the typewriters. They also


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"Vintage 70's BROTHER AUTO EMILLION organ keyboard/synthesizer, made in Japan. features a wide range of sound options with both presets (Harpsichord, Marimba and Vibes); as well as user-controlled sounds via the separate mixers for Flute 8', Flute 4', Oboe and Violin. Additional controls are Vibrato and Sustain, along with various accompaniment options. Also

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