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Deckard's Dream Demos by Pandomonium

These were spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

The demos are by Pandomonium

"These are all played live to a WAV track, no MIDI, string ensemble (left hand) is from a VP330 emulator. Keyboard controller is Kurzweil Midiboard, probably one the best polyAT keyboards that exists for playing DD."

DD - BRBlues - TEST1

Vangelis Medley With Deckard's Dream

"Playing Vangelis with Deckard's

Das Boot Deckards Dream

"Here is a short live take with the Deckard´s Dream. Masterkeyboard is the Roland A-80 with polyphonic aftertouch. Additional reverb from AVID Revibe."

This one spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Deckards Dream w Linnstrument (Test 1)

"Just a very, very, VERY rough/quick riff with my new Deckard's Dream synth, using a Linnstrument as controller (in MPE mode) and processed with a touch of reverb from a Meris Mercury 7. DD is in Sustain 1 mode, with aftertouch triggering the LFO modulation and speed.

Still getting used to the Linnstrument, hence the roughness in some of the pitch bends. But, the basic idea is there."


Tokyo Festival Of Modular 2017: Deckard's Dream SYNTHESIZER Sound Demo

Published on Nov 21, 2017

"Roman Filippov presented at this years Tokyo Festival Of Modular the upcoming Deckard's Dream Synthesizer, a modern interpretation of the legendary Yamaha CS-80. Same as the original, the Deckard's Dream is fully analogue and features modern features. Here is a sound demo of it. Thanks to Stefan from ACL to play the Synth during the video shoot.

More information



An Update on Black Corporation's DECKARD'S DREAM - 2nd Run of Prebuilt Units Pre-Orders Now Open

via Black Corporation

"We hope this newsletter reaches you well. We here at Black Corporation have been working hard to fill all of the orders for the first run of Deckard’s Dream DIY kits and pre-built units. Most of the DIY kits were shipped in mid-October and we are already seeing some enthusiastic builders putting the finishing touches on their projects.

The first run of built Deckard’s

Deckard's Dream Voice Card 0805 SMD Capacitors

Published on Oct 23, 2017 TjimmyChonga

"This rather long video is an unedited session of soldering the SMD caps on the Deckard's Dream Voice Card.
Long and unedited are key words here. It's basically a real-time video of me soldering all the SMD capacitors on one Deckard's Dream Voice Card. I don't expect anyone to see this. That's ok."

You can find all parts in this series here.

Soldering 0805 Caps for Deckard's Dream part 2 - Iron or Hot Air

Published on Oct 15, 2017 TjimmyChonga - Deckard's Dream is now available in both kit and pre-built form as announced here.

"Aside from 4000 through-hole components, the Deckard's Dream DIY synth requires soldering almost 700 very small surface mount capacitors.
Should you do that with a soldering iron or a smd hot air rework station? You decide!"

Part 1 here.

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