Modular Synthesizer VC ADSR PCBs from Blacet

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"Bare PCB to build ADSR for modular synth. For experienced DIYers only. No parts included. No front panel available. Factory manual included. Parts list and optional parts kits available on the Blacet Research web site under the "Bargain Basement"

Basic Manual (purchasers get complete printed manual): Under the Manual tab.

Second photo shows typical assembled board. No parts

Cyndustries Cynthia Modcan A Modules

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Barton Zeroscillator
CGS/Ken Stone Gate Sequencer
CGS/Ken Stone Super Psycho LFO
Buchla Quad Low Pass Gate
CGS/Ken Stone Burst Generator
Blacet Dark Star Chaos

Blacet RAK-3 Black Friday Sale

For Frac Rack fans out there, Blacet Research is offering a $30 instant rebate good through (Cyber) Monday.

See this post for details on the RAK-3.

Introducing the Blacet RAK-3 - 6" Deep Frac Rack Case

Assembling the Blacet RAK-3 Published on Nov 17, 2017 jblacetIII


"Introducing RAK-3: Narrower, lighter, sturdier. Same great electronics as RAK-2.

Our new 6" deep case holds most of our newer modules in the bottom (or top) section. Our longer and legacy modules fit in the top.

The six piece chassis design is more rugged and easier to ship.

The power supply and

Blacet MD2600 Scanner FM Modulating VCO

Published on Oct 24, 2017 jblacetIII

"MD2600 Scanner fm modulating VCO.
DAD module selects audio fm, DAD out and LFO as envelope proceeds." Frac Rack format modular.

Casio CZ-101 Synthesizer w/ SoftPot Ribbon Mod

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"Includes Blacet Instantmod modulation ribbon."

Mixed Frac Rack Format Modular System w/ Rare Modules

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"extremely powerful frac banana system that consists of Bugbrand, JH, Blacet, Wiard, Serge/Bananalogue, CGS and Metalbox modules. It challenges many modular systems that are way more expensive.

The blue Bugbrand modules in general are pretty rare and very much sought after. There are also a couple of gems in this system that are even rarer (very few have been made) like the

Musi Analog Modular Synth

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"Custom made, Musi analog modular synthesizer modules with a Paia/Frack 19" rackmount case and custom +/-15V power supply with Blacet style connectors.

Runs on AC 120V mains, comes with power cable. Fully callibrated and tested, VCOs have temperature compensation but with all analog gear its most stable after letting it warm up for 15 mins.

Rack includes:
3x VCO 1, modules

Blacet Research Mini Wave Discontinued

Crazy to think this is the end of an era. Before eurorack ever took off, we had Wiard and Blacet (Frac Rack format) format modules. The Mini Wave was one of the top modules. It's hard to see them go.

via the Blacet email list:

"Over the years, we have sold 100's of Grant Richter's [of Wiard] innovative MiniWave wave table module but now it's time to say goodbye to this fantastic device.

Binary Zone+ patch tutorial

Binary Zone+ patch tutorial from Peter Speer on Vimeo.

"Playing with the sequencing idea first presented in the Blacet Binary Zone module, this patch uses Frames (Mutable Instruments) as a voltage mixer, combining and scaling gate outputs from Tempi (Make Noise), outputting repeating melodic sequences from timing information.
Basic patch:
Tempi outs 1-4 --> Frames ins 1-4
Frames mix out --> VCO

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