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Liberation Teste Ethnicolor - My Casio MT 240 Keytar

YouTube via Stereokromatik
Liberation Teste - Casio MT 240 Keytar
Jean Michel Jarre"

Oxygene IV. Jean Michel Jarre (My tribute for Jarre).

moon modular vcEG M511c & Quad Quantizer M565

YouTube via moonmodular
"M560 sequencer (960 clone), row "A" into one M565 quantizer, into VCO IN of a mini moog.

M560 row "B" into ATTACK CONTROL CV IN of the M511c. (chained to DECAY and RELEASE)

CV+ OUT of the vcEG M511c into VCF CV IN of the mini moog. (NO internal EG´s of the mini moog are used.)

Trigger/gate signals controlled by a M563 Trigger Sequencer. gives you more information."

PLL Melody

YouTube via boobtube356
"Doepfer A-196 PLL attempts to track a simple sequence. PLL output goes to a Makenoise QMMG modulated by a Cwejman ADSR-VC2. Adjusments to the PLL demonstrate the basics of this module."

Percussive Sounds

YouTube via boobtube356
"PlanB Model 15 is synced by a Cwejman VCO-6. The result is amplitude modulated by a self resonating Cwejman MMF-1 in twin peak bandpass mode."

SCI Multi-Trak Demo

YouTube via djhijinx
"There was no video for the Multi-Trak so I decided to take you through a few patches. Ignore the lousy playing an poor audio quality.

Based on the same hardware as the Six-Trak and MAX, the Multi-Trak adds a chorus effect and unison mode, but lacks CC control for any of the parameters."

Open Question: I was given a Midi controller-Axiom 49 as a gift but I don't know how to run it?

I've connected it successfully to my PC yet there is no sound. Any tips? Also, can it function on its own-without being connected to a computer. The manual says sth about connecting it to a sound module, synthesizer, drum machine etc. What is a sound module? I don't understand much as English is not my mother tongue. Thank you for your answers.

GorF Version 0.19

YouTube via VacolocoSynth
"All the features are in now, this video demonstrates MIDI Sync and Sequence save/load.
The only thing to add now is updating via MIDI sysex, but all the functions for the sequencer are now in there and I don't plan to add anything more.

Full features list is as follows ;-
* Ability to store and load 4 sequences, along with their parameters
* 8 Steps
* Each step has
* Note number,
* velocity,
* gate on/off,
* Step Length,
* Legato on/off,
* CC1 and CC2 controls
* Variable Tempo (no MIDI sync yet)
* Variable base note for the notes being played
* Selectable CCs for CC1 and CC2 channels
* Variable sequence length
* MIDI Clock out (with start/stop)
* Rock solid timing
* Variable Step Length
* Legato mode
* MIDI Clock in and Out
* MIDI Root Note in"

Korg MS-20 Sound Randomizer

YouTube via Newueel
"This patch makes the MS-20 randomize its sound, each time the momentary switch is pressed. This can be very useful if you're looking for sounds to sample. It may come with really nice surprises.

This is how it basically works:
The pink noise generator is generating the random input signal for the S&H module. The S&H module is clocked by the reversed output of EG1. Each time the momentary switch is pressed, EG1 is triggered and the S&H module holds the current (random) input signal and sends it to Total Ext. From there the signal modulates the pitch, high pass and low pass filters. The amount of modulation for each part is still controlled by the three different frequency modulation knobs (T.EXT) on the control panel.

If you're wondering why the EG1 reversed output is used to clock the S&H, here is why. If the momentary switch would be patched directly to the S&H clock input, you would have to keep the switch pressed to keep the current sample.
To reverse this behavior the momentary switch triggers EG1. Now by using the reversed output of EG1 to clock the S&H, the sample changes while the switch is pressed and holds after releasing the switch. Note that all EG1 knobs have to be set to 0.

Below an example for knob settings and patches (also some pictures available):

VCO1: [Square] [(middle)] [32']
VCO2: (not used)
VCOMIX: [10] [0] [ 0] [ 0]
HPF: [ 5] [ 6] [ 9] [ 6]
LPF: [ 6] [ 7] [ 9] [ 0]
MG: (not used)
EG1: [0] [0] [0]
EG2: [0] [0] [5] [6] [2]
ESP: (not used)



VIRTUALITY Video: Part 2 The Making of Bolero Electronica

YouTube via interstellarcrew. Part 1 previously posted here.
"The second of many podcasts to come features The Making of Bolero Electronica and talks about the inspiration for using 75 years of synths; the origins of the instruments; and the challenge of putting it all together. Along with composer Amin Bhatia are Interviewed guests including Roland founder Ikutaro Kakehashi, Steve Porcaro, Patrick Moraz, Michelle Moog-Koussa as well as producers, engineers and musicians from "Virtuality"

The podcast series was written and directed by Saul Pincus with contributions from cinematographers and journalists all over the world. This segment was compiled and edited by Mark Dwyer. Special thanks to the crew at Full Sail University, as well as the Bob Moog Foundation and the offices of Steve Porcaro, Patrick Moraz, Bhatia Music and Splice Heist.

Please visit for more on the album and artist."

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