Oral Hygiene via Punk Disco

via Punk Disco on AH:

"Hey all

We unashamedly sold out with this one. We have decided to abandon our punk ethics (it worked for The Clash) and go for the big corporate sponsorship deal. Within 6 months, this track will be played to you each time you open your toothpaste, via tiny little space age microchip record players. Colgate, Macleans, etc, email oral at punkdisco dot with your offers.

Most of the annoying mid-frequencies, discounting Leah, are from the HardSID 4U which we have fallen in love with. There is also some MKS80 and SunSyn love action.

PS: I have also just uploaded a slightly tweaked version of our "At the dISCO" track but unless you are an avid punkdISCO fan (hi Mum), you probably will not notice.

Punk is for life, not just for Christmas.

Banned by YouTube video (Obviously NOT SAFE FOR WORK):

Mickey Mouse is Dead - punkdISCO

YouTube via punkdiscoUK
"Our first version was banned by YouTube as the "submission violates our Terms of Service on pornography, obscene or defamatory material". So, here is our heavily edited and hopefully "YouTube friendly" version.. Paul and Leah xxx"
"thats mental! and rather fkin ace too! cheers! dick subhumans""

Frostwave Cake

via Ross

Frostwave Funk-A-Duck Cake


via Baghead's sounds channel
"this is a Novation Bass station rack thru EH Bi-filter, backed up by MoPho Direful preset,then around 2 minutes a Oberheim Matrix 1000 comes in ....drums by SoncCharge microtinic. this starts off great but around 3 minutes with just the M1k and the drums it thins out a bit too much for my tast, it then ends on the mopho fading out"

Livewire Vulcan Modulator Expansion DIY Mod

Livewire Vulcan Modulator Expansion DIY Mod from noise source on Vimeo.
"Sorry for the TERRIBLE video quality first and foremost. (cheap point and click + knowing nothing of video conversion = that crap)

I took the jumpers from the back of the PCB that select the waveforms used in the Max, Min, Sum & Diff outputs on the front of the unit & Attached them to eight 3-way on-on-on switches for real time control of the waveform mixes."
You can find more info and images on noisesource

Moog Polymoog

Arp Avatar

Moog Source

via this auction

"This was the replacement for the minimoog in 1981 and sounds incredible for bass and leads. Truly a sonically perfect monophonic synthesizer."

Alesis Ion

ARP 2600

via this auction
"It is a 2601 model and features the Arp 4072 filter. It is a really lovely sounding machine. The modules inside are not encapsulated, making it very easy to service. This is one of the more desirable 2600s in that along with not having encapsulated modules, Arp used better jacks on this model, that were hand-wired to the circuit boards. All slider caps are present, as is the original lid for the 2600 console and the keyboard. The keyboard is a 3604-P version, and works well. All keys trigger just fine. The keys are all a little stiff, but everything seems to work just fine (I mostly use the 2600 with step sequencers)."

Roland Jupiter-8

via this auction

Inside a Roland Jupiter-8

Treat Yourself :)