Open Question: Late 70s early 80s Pink Floyd sounding song.?

I'm looking for a a rock song possibly late 70s early 80s that kinda has a Pink Floyd type sound to it. I hear it on classic rock stations once in great a while. Part of the song has synthesizers in it that make it sound sort of like a fog horn. It's an awesome song. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
Sorry about that. I'm not quite sure of the words, but know the song had some cool keyboards and synthesizers in it. I believe the song started out almost like George Harrison's All Those Years ago the way the keyboard in the begining sounded.

Open Question: Where would I find a voice Synthesizer?

Like the one in this video:

I want to know what it's called and if you where you'd get one. Thanks! XD

Open Question: What's better for using a keyboard/synthesizer..a bass cab/head or a guitar cab/head?

i'm about to start up a band, and I need new equipment.

right now i have a Behringer ULTRATONE K3000FX Keyboard Amp/PA System.. and i want to upgrade to a half stack.

i dont know which would be better.. i've seen some synth players use bass half stacks and some use guitar half stacks.. so i'm debating on which one would be better.

Chroma front panels

via ron on the Rhodes Chroma list (User Group):

"I've been meaning to send Chris this photo for a while to include on the site. It shows 3 out of 4 membrane panels for the Chroma. The only one missing is the main production panel produced after the first 50 went out. AFAIK the only difference between the first 50 and the main run was parameter #2. Poly/Mono on the first 50, FSW(?) on the main run."

The bottom shot is a bit blurry. Hopefully a sharper image will come in.

Intermorphic Mixtikl V1 for Smartphone, Pocket PC, Windows & Mac

"Powerful & integrated suite of music making applications with integrated Noatikl generative music engine & Partikl modular synth

December 23rd 2008, UK: Intermorphic Ltd today launches Mixtikl V1, its powerful & integrated suite of music making applications for mobile and desktop computers, together with a range of 'add-on' Tiklpak content paks. On desktop, Mixtikl can run standalone, or as a plugin to a VST/AU enabled sequencer, giving users the freedom to create on mobile and remix on Mac or PC, or vice versa.

Mixtikl supports 12 track mixing at up to 44KHz stereo (device dependent), a wide range of user-configurable live sound FX and sound generators with the Partikl modular & DLS MIDI synth, a runtime of the Noatikl generative music engine and the Remixer, Performer, Partikl and Player applications. Mixtikl openly supports the use of users' own files in Ogg, WAV, AU, MIDI, MOD, partikl and noatikl content formats as well as user created add-on Paks.

Seven Windows Mobile screen sizes and orientations are supported at launch, from the smallest Windows Mobile Smartphone screen (176x180) to the largest currently available in the new HTC Touch HD Pocket PC (480x696). "Skins" for all supported screensizes are available in the Standalone versions for Windows and Mac desktops.

Pricing starts at $9.99 for the mobile versions, and at launch Intermorphic is also unveiling a number of special offers and bundles for Mixtikl as well as all its products. 30 day full save trial versions are available from the Mixtikl download page.

Versions for Symbian, iPhone and Antix Game Player are to follow from early 2009.

Intermorphic have an active and growing user forum."

More info including links here

kaoss 64 running in ableton live

YouTube via chinkial
"kaoss 64 drum machine running in ableton live the plugin itself is quite cpu hungry runs about 4o% in live
so as i was recording the quick capture
it glitches and stuuters and goes out of sync
oh and it takes about 30 seconds for thevid to start"

kaoss 64 nearly finished

"finaly fixed the problems i was having
visualising the leds correctly the y position wasnt changing but now its fixed
this is pretty much finished
although im gonna add stuff for the extrnal cntrl mode midi ccs
fx filters and loopers
and also try and get it less cpu hungry

ill put a link up shortly for a download
for people to give it a try
a christmas present from me"

Zn'shñ Live at Mudam (2008)

YouTube via znshn
"Zn'shñ (Elvire Bastendorff & Franck Smith) live at Mudam Luxembourg, Musée d'art moderne Grand-Duc Jean. Recorded December 10th 2008.


Invented and defined by Franck Smith, the term Zn'shñ signifies: the gleam of dark colours. Deliberately antithetic and intentionally enigmatic, Zn'shñ is enthused by Butoh iconography, Japanese Gagaku aesthetic and Tibetan rituals codification. Operating as a dual electronic unit, Zn'shñ deepens a series of very specific works around phonocrafting and noise manufacturing."

N°2 of Zn'shñ Live at Mudam (2008)

Plugging in

flickr by poly915

full size

Music for the Holidays

Some more music for the holidays, via the forum:

Winter Lounge Compilation via intercorni
"Winter Lounge Compilation

Urania Man released 3 new tracks on the Winter Lounge Compilation.

PPG Wave2.2
PPG Waveterm A
PPG Prozessorkeyboard
PPG 360A
Roland Jupiter-8
Roland Jupiter-6
Roland JX10
Waldorf Microwave I
Casio VZ10M
Oberheim Matrix6
Sequential Pro One
KORG DW-8000
an many many digital Stuff (Native Instruments)

iTune Link


Live Streaming New Years Eve 2009 event via ocp
"We did it in 2006 and 2008 (I think we missed 2007) so why not do it again? Lets have an online international New Year's Eve party and electro-jam. Almost all cultures celebrate the January 1st New Year so this is sure not to offend too many people.

A floating concert is like a floating crap game, it moves around from location to location.

A shoutcast server will be set up to run all day Dec 31 through Jan 1. People in their studios are welcome to set up live streaming of performances, jam sessions, or any kind of musical expression for streaming. The members and lurkers can tune in and share the experience. Hopefully, people will be volunteering from all over the world to sign up for a time slot. Pick a time convenient for you - it doesn't have to be Midnight in your time zone, but that would be cool.

For those that haven't done live streaming, it is a lot easier than you might imagine. To do the streaming, all you need is a PC with Oddcast (now called Edcast), a free program. If you have a Mac, you can use the Nicecast program (free demo works for a month the last time we tried it) to stream.

If you are are interested in participating, a test server will be set up just for you to experiment on to make sure you can get it to work.

Once you get your own server assignment, you can test stream all you want. When your time comes up on New Years Eve, the server will be switched to reflect you server. You have nothing to do.

If you are interested, please let us know. We'll pass out times on a first come basis. Why don't you join in? Don't worry about being polished and super professional, this is for fun. Hopefully, we can give some of our DIY synth builders a chance to have their music heard direct from their studios.

It's party time...

For more info go here:"

Ensoniq Fizmo Rack

via this auction via the forum.
"The Fizmo is a 48-voice synthesizer which uses 2nd-generation Transwave technology to create very organic sounds unlike any other synth available. Every programming function has its own dedicated knob or button. The Fizmo features an Arpeggiator and 24-bit VLSI effects with 41 algorithms, including a Vocoder and the ability to process incoming audio through the Vocoder and effects.

Transwave synthesis uses wavetables of sound data with layered variations in harmonic structures such that their timbres progress naturally from one end to the other. This allows for sounds to modulate over time, or by velocity, wheel, pressure, or any number of other options.

There are 2 oscillators available for each of the 4 presets allowing for 8 unique oscillators at the same time, not to mention individual LFO and Noise generators for each Osc. Another wonderful feature is the ability to stack up to four individual presets together into one sound and map them across the keyboard. This synth is very capable of some very complex sounds.

The built-in Arpeggiator has 118 presets which can be easily edited to your liking, and 26 real-time control/editing knobs make mutating your sound a pleasure. All controls may be recorded in real-time to an external sequencer.

Performance features
* five F-I-Z-M-O real-time control knobs
* four dedicated Sound buttons allow convenient selection, layering and key range assignment of presets
* 17 dedicated Sound and Effect editing knobs
* all four zones can play local sounds or external MIDI sources
* 48 dynamically assigned voices
* four-pole dynamic digital low-pass resonant filters with key tracking (33 settings, including fractional scaling)
* three envelope generators that can be modulated by velocity, key scaling, and response to release velocity
* 22 modulation sources, 8 modulation destinations
* one LFO (seven waveform choices can sync to Arpeggiator or external MIDI clock)
* variable rate noise generator can sync to Arpeggiator or external MIDI Octave, semi-tone, and fine tuning
* pitch tracking (33 settings, including fractional scaling)
* 45 ROM pitch tables (256 steps per semi-tone resolution)
* glide mode, glide time
* mono/poly playback
* programmable pitch bend range
* sustain on/off

Ensoniq Fizmo Specifications:
#Polyphony - 48 voices
#Oscilators - 4 MB of 16-bit internal wave ROM, featuring Transwaves (created through digital synthesis and resynthesis technologies); 2 osc for each of 4 presets - total of 8 simultaneous - 58 waveforms
#LFO Time - 8 LFO's (7 waveform choices, can sync to Arpeggiator or external MIDI clock)
#Filters - Resonant LP & BP 4 pole filters. Non-Resonant 2LP+2HP, 3LP+1HP, 2LP+2LP, 3LP+1HP filters.
#Efects - 41 digital VLSI 24-bit effects (8 Global Reverbs, Chorus, Flanger, DDL, Distortion, Tunable Speaker, Chatter Box, Vocal Morph, Auto-Wah, Vocoder); Processes incoming audio
#Memory - 128 ROM sounds, Up to 128 RAM, 64 Presets
#Control - MIDI (up to 4 polyphonic channels)"

Treat Yourself :)