Open Question: Korg PA-50, What do you think?

What do you guys think of buying a new Korg PA-50 synthesizer for $900? Is it worth it? I want it basically to put middle eastern sounds (voices) and styles (beats) inside. How is the space capacity, the quality, does it last long? How about the price?

Open Question: Need a synth player...?

I am from Kolkata. My name is Dipanjan, 17 yro. I want to make an english rock band. I need a synthesizer player and a good male vocalist. If any one is interested please contact. My email:


YouTube via redmartian. Part 1 Part 2
"Here is demo number three. In this one I wanted to show the sound of the filter and oscillators.

The filter's LP and HP outs are taken and then stereo spread using two VCAs. I have three oscillators tuned at intervals and I'm using an EG to sweep the filter and VCAs.

A jupiter 6 shows up, but its only used as a MIDI controller.

The drums are the same kit used in the other two demos and are sequenced on an MPC-1000. A note, I'm not using any filtering or processing (other than setting the start/end points) on the samples. They are dry and are directly from the MMM. On this tune I only used the stereo pan effect on the knitting needle sound.

The background and towards the middle you'll hear filter frequency modulation coming in and then fading out. I'm using one oscillator and running it into the filter's modulation input and then recording on the LP output of the filter.

There are two small melodies - one uses two saw tooths and the other uses a single saw with filter modulation by an LFO.

The video footage is just me being silly, sorry. (yootoob requires visuals, which is why demo two is on vimeo only)"

Audiomatica MIDI Controler

flickr by pgregor

full size top
full size bottom

"Audiomatica MIDI Controler ist a italian MIDI controler for the old WaveFrame AudioFrame workstation. The Faders are 120mm, and trasmit 1024 MIDI steps, impresive for the 80´s!!!"

A bit blurry but I don't believe I have ever seen one of these before.

New Optigan Disc - Radiotaktivox Rev. B

YouTube via peahix
"This is a test of the final release version of our new Optigan disc, Radioaktivox. Please note that the audio distortion is from my camera and not on the Radioaktivox disc itself. For all those who have pre-ordered the disc, it's not quite ready to ship yet, because we've had a slight delay in the making of the disc jackets. We don't have an exact ship date yet, but it will be soon! Please visit to place your order! Also, you can find out more about this project at Thanks for your support!"

ROLAND SH-1000 analogue synthesizer - high quality sound

YouTube via AnalogAudio1
"Demonstration of the Roland SH-1000 synthesizer with Roland DEP-5 FX processor."

Novation Nocturn control my virtual Audiorealism Bassline 2

YouTube via lasercicalone
"I have used a Nocturn to control all parameters of my ABL2 Audiorealism Bassline 2 in Logic Audio"

RxPunk - CIRCUIT BENT Atari Punk Console by 3rdness

YouTube via 3rdness
"Prescription PUNK!

Not Child Proof!

This is an Atari Punk Console aka Forrest Mims' "stepped tone generator" housed in a prescription pill bottle.

The top knob is the "steps", bottom knob is the pitch.

1/4 " output and 2 ultra bright LEDs that light up the whole bottle.

by 3rdness aka noam schatz"

Appendage Controller plays "TELSTAR"

YouTube via timsynth
"Demo of the Appendage Ribbon Controller in action playing an oldie but a goodie, "TELSTAR" from 1962, originally by the Tornados. The audio is created by various DIY synthesizer modules. Please visit for lots of cool music related projects, info, and really smart people!

CGS Super Psycho Mod Source Project

via these auctions for various DIY projects.

"From CGS site:
This module is a much expanded version of the Psycho LFO, featuring six free-running oscillators, each variable between LFO and audio ranges, two of which can be switched to have triangular wave outputs. Each oscillator can be switched between low and high ranges, as well as off, and also has a rate LED, to allow visual determination of the frequency at which it is running. As per the original, there are also level and glide controls."

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