Roland SH-2

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note the waterfall keys


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"HERE THE DESCRIPTIONS FROM PETER FORREST BOOK "VINTAGE SYNTH'S A-Z": Elektronika EM-04 - 49-note (C-C) split multi-keyboard. This seems to have appeared in two very different forms. Both have sets of sliders to the left of the keyboard and in three sections behind it; but one is a neater, flatter machine with a carrying handle at the forot, while the other has fold-down legs, a little Farfisa-like, and a reverse-colour keyboard for the bottom two octaves. Divide-down tone generation; 'slalom' effect. Size: 790 x 490 x 155 mm. Weight: 18kg."

1-st GROUP (left manual) - attack, sustain, bass, violin, alto, string, orchestral, brass
BRASS FILTER - attack, sustain (level, on/off), cutoff, resonance
2-nd GROUP (right manual) - attack, sustain, bass, violin, alto, string, orchestral, brass
MASTER - fine tuning, main volume level, tone (brightness), slalom (pitch slide), gavai (finger pitch controller), string/organ select, brass 1-2.

CONNECTIONS - output 5-din, pedal input 5-din, power socket, fuse, power on/off switcher."

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Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev 2

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Note the tape record toggle switch.

Roland SH-09


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I swore I put this one up already, but I can't find it, so here it goes again. There's even a Synth Babe poster in the background for you below.

"EMS Synthi A modular synthesizer. If there was ever a turnkey example of a Synthi A, this is the one. Turn it on, and everything is there, including the following mods...

1) oscillator 2 sync with osc1/osc3 or off
2) oscillator 3 sync with osc1/osc2 or off
3) oscillator 3 frequency hi/low switch
4) sync depth (Threshold) Pot/control
5) vcw2 (not sure about this)
6) Envelope Invert jumper/pin
7) gate input (was ch2 Control Signal In)"

Oberheim Matrix-6R

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"Oberheim Matrix 6R Analog Synth, this unit is in perfect working order and clean, home studio use only, the s/n # is k620162

if you need to reset the unit you do it like this: To reset everything hold down STORE, power off/power on while holding it down. Release store, display goes blank, display resets and displays 00."

Musikmesse: New Items at the Superbooth

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Tisch 1:
Doepfer / D-München
NEW: matrixmixer, dsp-fx, quad midiconverter, etc

Tisch 2:
Manikin electronic / D-Berlin
NEW: Vintage3, Prototype X
The Harvestman / USA
NEW: Stilton adapter, Evin 209
Make Noise / USA
NEW: Quad MultiMode Gate, WOGGLEBUG
Tiptop Audio / USA
Bubblesound / USA
Cwejman / SE

Tisch 3:
MFB / D-Berlin
NEW: 522, Modul Drum 07 + X
Studio electronics / USA
Future Retro / USA NEW: ORB
SND / D-München

Tisch 4:
Sherman / Belgium NEW: Restyler DJ tool
Schippmann / D-Berlin

Tisch 5:
L.L.Electronics / D-Kaiserslautern
NEW: Rozzbox V2
EOWave / France

Tisch 6:
JoMoX / D-Berlin NEW: M-Base11
Moonmodular / D-Berlin NEW:
big modular trigger sequencer, quad quantizer, reversible mixer, etc..
Curetronic / D-Dresden
NEW: Midi-interface, 3HE modul adapter
Metasonix / USA
NEW: Assblaster KV100, R-51, R-52 and 53 prototypes
Flower electronics / USA


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Open Question: Favorite Thomas Dolby song?

I Love You Goodbye and I Scare Myself are my favorite.

I also feel that he is underrated. he is one of the best playing the Keyboards, and Synthesizers

list of bands/artists that he has worked with
Akiko Yano
Andy Partridge
Belinda Carlisle
Bob Weir
Brian Transeau
Bruce Woolley
Chris Braide
Clif Brigden
David Bowie
Def Leppard
Eddi Reader
Eddie Van Halen
Dr. Fiorella Terenzi
François Kevorkian
George Clinton
Herbie Hancock
Howard Jones
Jerry Garcia
Jimmy Breaux
Joan Armatrading
Joe Walsh
John E. Love
Joni Mitchell
Lene Lovich
Little Richard
Malcolm McLaren
Mark Beer
Michael Doucet
Natalie MacMaster
Ofra Haza
Peter Gabriel
Prefab Sprout
Robyn Hitchcock
Roger Waters
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Stevie Wonder
Tata Vega
Tim Curry
The Thompson Twins
Thomas Guz Sanchez
Trevor Herion

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