Indamixx Walkthru, Part One

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"Now when Bill shows up to your house and says "the party's here," he's not kidding. In all likelihood, he's packing the Indamixx music production PDA. Learn how to navigate this Linux-based pocket studio in this overview video.
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synthpond idm

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"this one starts with solo synthpond for 8 bars, and then ableton drums and effects (filters, delays, beat repeat) kick in. cosmovox enters somewhere in the middle."
You can find SynthPond here:

ethnicolor 1 (first part)-zoolook

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House with the Juno-106 and CZ3000

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"My new house song titled "purple haze" using the Roland Juno-106 and the CasioCZ3000 synthesizers. This is a live-mix, no overdubbing.
(c) Ben Anderson 2008"
Note one of the sampled drums is the Sakata DPM-48. Anyone know what that is?
Found it in the archives: link. Note they appear to have manufactured the Oberheim Matrix-6 and Xpander in Japan.

Open Question: im looking for a techno song that has i love you in the lyrics. sung by a man. please help.?

Its sung by a man, a black man I believe (i could be wrong) i heard it on my local radio station, hes talking about how he loves a woman, its got some plain voice in the beginning, but the then synthesizer takes over about 1/4 of the way in. Please help!

KORG MS20 Modded

images at this auction

Note this is the one in this video.

Mod syncs the two oscilators

Interview on Circuit Bending with Igor Amokian Part I

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* In August, I shot an interview with musician Chris Wild aka Igor Amokian. He talks about how he developed an interest in circuit bending, discusses the mindset behind it, and demonstrates several of his toys on camera.

This is Part One of a 40 minute interview, which is interspersed with live footage from a show Chris performed with an experimental jazz ensemble named Skyline Electric at Little Joy Bar @ Echo Park.
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Beatrice Antolini - Circus City (Itinerario Stabile), Cesena (FC)

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"28/06/2008 - Beatrice Antolini - Circus City (Itinerario Stabile), Cesena (FC)"

Moog Prodigy
Nord Stage

the harvestman evin 209

"4x4 matrix mixer and bipolar feedback grid

Evin 209 provides four different mixes of four signal inputs. Each output row can be switched between unipolar (zero to max) and bipolar (negative max to zero to positive max) mix behavior. The module is DC-coupled so that you may also mix control signals this way.

An expansion header is also provided on the rear of the module. It currently connects to a m'79 Stilton Adaptor for true Feedback Console operation (the inputs and outputs of each module are normalled together, so a complex mix of a four-pedal feedback loop can be finely tuned). This header will also allow expansion with any other Feedback Console devices to be designed, such as VCAs or envelope extractors."

more at the harvestman digital audio electronics

You'll also find an updated product release schedule and adjusted web appearance

stacy the sort of portable synth - december manic construction

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"new modular - testing out jam with frostwave controller
this is the portable laquarto"

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