Custom Black C-Thru-Music AXiS-64

a few shots sent in via plaid_emu

"I recently received my AXiS-64 Harmonic Table MIDI controller directly from C-Thru Music. They customized the metal case with a black finish instead of the standard silver."

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Tongue Drum for iPhone Now Available

You might remember Tongue Drum from this video. It is now available on iTunes here:

Also see for more info.

via Joe

Speak and Math and Test and Toast

YouTube via nevenen
"Bent Speak and Math, taking it through the paces. The thing on the top is a pressure sensor -- first time I've used one on anything. It's fun... kind of like the bending version of a whammy bar."

Screaming Angels - Prototype 6 Way Stereo Optical Theremin Noise Maker

YouTube via ChrisLody
"Don't worry, It's meant it go dark in the middle! Here's something fairly obvious to try with a hex schmitt trigger inverter chip. Wire up all six sections as optical theremins with 3 in each channel for some weird stereo atonal action."

Rob Papen Subboombass

YouTube via audiomidicom
"The brand new bass and drum virtual instrument from Rob Papen Instruments with earth-shaking low end. Here audioMIDI'd Mitchell Sigman puts Subbassboom through its paces. Available now, just $99- call at (866) 283-4601 for more info!"

Ensoniq SQ80 Sequencer & Sound Demo

YouTube via klangkombinat
"Sounddemo realised with the internal Sequencer of the Ensoniq SQ80 and selfcreated Patches. You can download these Patches at in SQ8L VSTi Emulator Format. SQ80 Sysex format available at"


YouTube via klangkombinat. via I Have Synth.
"vintage analog synthesizers animated in 3D Space,
available via"

Legacy DE & Heaven in motion

YouTube via slices09. KORG Legacy Digital Edition.
"Vision Series Backdrops from Sony
Wonderful music by Hideki Uchiyama
Actually in mind contributed by"

Legacy DE & Neo Lava

"Vision Series Backdrops from Sony
Cio fine musik by Hideki Uchiyama at
Actually in mind contributed by"

Legacy AE & Metal screen

YouTube via slices09. KORG Mono/Poly via the KORG Legacy Analog Edition.
"Vision Series Backdrops from Sony
Cio fine musik from Monopoly at
Actually in mind contributed by
screen can be cold as metal"

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