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with the hamburglar...

"T design for the band TERA MELOS"

Zinc 80 Meter CW Transmitter, Actual Sound Heard From Various Distances.

YouTube via nylesteiner. yes that Nyle Steiner. follow-up to these posts.
"More info is available at

This is an update to the previous video "Zinc Negative Resistance 80 Meter CW Transmitter". In the previous video, the sound of the transmitter at 5 miles was simulated. This update plays the actual sound of the transmitter as recorded on video from various distances up to 5 miles.

K7NS builds a very simple 80 meter cw qrp transmitter made out of a homemade zinc negative resistance diode. This simple radio transmitter is made without using any vacuum tubes or transistors, and it's ultra low power of 100 microwatts can be easily heard 5 miles away.

Thanks to W9RAN for his contribution of using a quarts crystal in place of an LC circuit."

circuit bent casio VL 5 SYNTH

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Prophet-5 Spec Sheet

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"This came with the prophet back in the days when I bought it at Wine Country Sequintial Circuts in 1999. In 2002 I sold The Prophet to get the never been use ,spankin new Memorymoog That never was opened. Didn't regret it but Will get another Prophet 5 along with the Prophet 08 Cause there both plentiful more so than the memory. Prophets sold more than the memorymoog Cause the Prophets was the first Poly Programmable synth. Memorymoogs Was and is a monsterous synth but very very very unreliable, always a voice detune, etc. Later on in the late 80 to the early 90s on up to today, lintronics Made a super reliable Kit for the memory and added dual out plus a super midi kit, new display,gold pots,jacks and etc. Never had any serious problems with my memory yet, every now and then a voice acts up but not often that happends, But anyways, Always gotta have a Prophet in the arsenal."

MFOS SoundLab and a Frog

The frog is back.

via synth-diy where you'll find more shots and info.



EMS SYNTHI E analog modular synth

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"EMS synthi E, very rare and one of the early original educational synthesizer created by EMS, a great piece of history! It come in MINT conditions... Like new but old more of 30 years... Perfect working with all the original patch cords set, some are very rare with resistors, in order to make impedance on the patch. The sound combinations are amazing. It is a very nice gem for collectors and very good for electronic experimental music... see some youtube demos!"

ETI 4600 vintage analog synthesizer

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"Vary rare ETI 4600 vintage synthesizer flagship, a contellation of knobs where you can find all the necessary in order to make impressive sound combinations between his Matrix patch panel like EMS VCS-3 or AKS. It is the rare silverplate release.

CLICK here about some informations about the ETI 4600"

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