Open Question: I heard this song at the gap that has the phrase " hey you" and it is followed by vocoders and synthesizers.?

Sorry that this is so vague, I really tried to pick up some more lyrics, but I was only able to listen to the last few seconds of the song. I've been searching for this for the past 3 months! I heard it again today at the store and the sales associates said that they had no way of knowing the titles of the tracks. THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR HELP!
It was a male singer by the way.
thank you "foshizzle", but it was actually an upbeat new song.

neandrewthal's 2008 Show and Tell

via neandrewthal on this thread where you will find more images:
"Here's what I did this year. Ok, I kinda cheated. I started last November, but due to delays I had the first module up and running in January.

Great big thanks to everyone who asked/answered questions and those who made these awesome projects available!

Module list: (left to right)

Bottom row:
PAIA midi2cv (never use it, think I'm gonna chuck it to make room for the appendage Cool ), MFOS VCLFO x2, MFOS dual VCA, MFOS VCO x2, MFOS noise cornucopia, CGS Psycho LFO, MFOS 24 db lowpass, MFOS multimode filter, Dual MFOS sample&hold, Dual MFOS ADSR, MFOS dual VCA.

Top row:
Wiard Wogglebug #3(with disturb mod)/Dual Buchla VC portamento, Dual Buchla 281/CGS analog logic, CGS Digital noise/pulse dividers/boolean logic/XOR XNOR/Analog shift register, CGS Gated comparator/burst generator, CGS VCO, Bridechamber BiNtIc/Tellun switching comparator, CGS suboscillator, Bridechamber wave multipliers/real ring modulator, Ian fritz 5 pulse waveshaper/Mankato filter, Fonik PS-3100 resonators/CGS cascade mixer, Tellun neural agonizer, dual CGS Tube VCA/Mixer.

P.S. In case anyone is wondering about the colored jacks, they are just the regular switchcraft type spraypainted

Red = Logic input
Orange = Logic output
Blue = CV attenuator input
Purple = Unattenuated(V/oct) control input
Pink = CV Output

Green = Audio input
Yellow = Audio output

Grey = Universal processing input
White = Universal output."
Note this is the modular in this video.


YouTube via kidwithoutradio
" This video is absolutely live, there are NO LOOPS or background tracks. All sounds are programed onto the buttons and played in real time. Filmed with a direct in to the camera, no cut aways. This is EGADZ's reinterpretation of "What We Are Destined To Do". Directed by Patrick Guera."

Egadz -What We Are Destined To Do- Giant MPCs

Giant MPC.

Jarreblog: playing Hang in Budapest

YouTube via jeanmicheljarre. via the Jean Michel Jarre blog.
"Jean Michel met street musician Norbert Pavel in Budapest, and was so fascinated with his Hang percussion that he invited him on stage the day after, to replace the main sequence in Variation 1. The result is very poetic."

Open Question: Music maker or drum machine?

i am looking for a free software that can produce drum souds. I am really looking for a dream machine/ synthesizer

thanks in advance
look, if you have no idea what you are talking about, dont tell me to buy one, there are plenty of free software to do this but i don't know whichs ones are good thats why i am trying to get answers from experienced people.

Open Question: How do I use a Digital Synthesizer keyboard through my macbook through the audio input line?

I am trying to hook up moms Kawai Digital Sythesizer to my computer and use it through Garage Band. I can't seem to figure out how to work it though. It is connected to the computer through the audio line in plug using a 1/4" stereo phone jack to 3.5 mm stereo plug converter.

Open Question: Does anyone know what voice synthesizers/fx are used in hellogoodbye's "here in your arms"?

Does anyone know what voice synthesizers/fx are used in hellogoodbye's "here in your arms" to make the robotic voice effect? The effect is definitely applied during the first chorus on the following words: "one, one, hello, terribly, love, no, here, in, your, arms". Any help?

Paper Sculpture: In a Quiet Corner of Sussex Complete

You might remember this one from this prior post. gardenque wrote in to let me know that the piece is complete. You can find the flickr set here.

Korg MS20
Vacuum Cleaner :)

You can read more about the piece in the prior post.


YouTube via cyberspacecowboys
"My first post DS-10 movie.
Performed by S_Ishimaru.

KORG DS-10 on Amazon

KORG nanoPAD, DS-10 and Logic Pro 8 Effects

YouTube via cyberspacecowboys
"KORG nanoPad controls Logic Pro 8 Effects.
Pad control X position synchronize EQ on Logic as Hipass filter.
Pad control Y position synchronize Echo wet on Logic.
It is mimicry of KORG KaossPAD KP3:-)

Logic recorded sounds are played by DS-10 on Nintendo DSi.
2 mix sounds were changed by effects that controlled by nanoPAD.

This movie was Inspaiaed to their movies.
Logic 8 Environment by fabriziogg

Double Kaoss by Denkitribe


Treat Yourself :)