Keytar Whiter shade of Pale

YouTube via Pompadour. via fischek
"Playing "A whiter shade of pale" on a Junost-21 keytar."

watch this one:

Lykke Li performing Little Bit on a keytar

"Lykke Li plays "Little bit" with a Junost-21 keytar, a Roland Rhythm Composer TR-707 and an Oktava ML-19 microphone. Keepin' it real."


flickr by Passetti


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"Very nice first edition of the Delta Festival. Lots of things to see and do on this new offshoot of the Langweiligkeit festivals, which takes place in my hometown Den Haag regularly. Delta was held in a former swimming pool that now functions as a theater. Great location, charming festival."

serge creature sk1 kp3 crybaby 535q

YouTube via JargMarbin. Serge Creature, Korg KAOSSPad and Casio SK1.

Access Virus TI OS3 Released

"After an extensive public beta test phase OS3 is ready to roll. The new operating system for the entire Virus TI product line introduces new and existing effects such as additional distortion types, a tape delay and last but not least a ring shifter.

The new version is recommended for every user and can be downloaded free of charge as of today.

We also launched the next public beta cycle for OS version 3.0.2 which will focus on stability and performance. The new OS version is available for public testing today."

Download and vids at

Piper's Tekno Jam-I Love Analogue

YouTube via iloveanalogue
"This is my daughter, Piper. She'll make beats and hot techno riffs-for a price. See
more at or"

Elektron Monomachine Live Jam 11

YouTube via MikaTechnika. more jams here.
"one pattern and fun :)
Elektron Monomachine SFX 60 MK2
no edits, just limiter"

Tutorial - rectools02

YouTube via yudoinc
"Rectools02 for iPhone/iPod touch (

Yudo rectools is a stereo compatible linear PCM recorder that is perfectly suited for recording live concerts, your surroundings, meetings and much more. Unlike WMA or MP3 rectools uses a linear PCM format which means that no data will get lost due to compression. The original sound will stay intact, with rectools its possible to make recordings with the same high quality as a music CD. Furthermore rectools is tested and compatible with several external 3rd party iPhone/iPod microphones. Also an optional limiter that protects you from sound deformation due to too load input and a high pass filter that filters away low frequencies is adapted. Moreover rectools includes a wave editor which makes it possible to easily process and edit your recordings."

You can find rectools02 on iTunes here:

Loopstation vs the Rupture the Ringtone and the Moogerfooger 12 stage phaser

YouTube via RothHandle. Audio demo comes in at 1:27.
"A couple of weeks back I did a couple of pedal tryouts. I am using a Boss loopstation where I have recorded 4 different sounds. Yesterday while doing back ups I recorded three more.

This example is of a combination of pedals the audible disease rupture, the ringtone and the Moogerfooger phaser.

This video was recorded at Roth Händle studios, in Stockholm, Sweden. This is where I spend my days and occasional nights recording and producing albums for artists from all over the world. After buying my first Mellotron in 1998 a spark lit in me to try to find interesting and different instruments to use in my music and productions. Now the studio is more less filled with old and new sonic weirdness ranging from tabla drum machines to pipe organs.

If you are curious about the studio please visit for more information, booking and blogs. If you are curious to hear some music that was recorded at the studio please visit

Thank for watching !

// Mattias"

Loopstation vs the Midfi Electronics Pitch Pirate

"A couple of weeks back I did a couple of pedal tryouts. I am using a Boss loopstation where I have recorded 4 different sounds. Yesterday while doing back ups I recorded three more.

This first example is the Midfi Electronics Pitch Pirate. A wonderful little boutique pedal."

Loopstation vs the Vcoo3

"This example is of rock and roll workshops vcoo3"

You can find more RothHandle vids here.

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