Plan B Boat

Thought this was a pretty cool shot from Califaudio. Yes it is a play on words.

Monome Quickie with KP3

YouTube via StarfireMX
"Just jamming and recording a short part when I was messing with the KP3 Kaos Pad also."

Ensoniq SQ-80 CrossWave Synthesizer

YouTube via retrosound72
"vintage synth demo by RetroSound

some typical self-made and factory sounds from the Ensoniq SQ-80 Cross Wave Synthesizer from 1987;

SQ-80 = 75 digital 8-bit waveforms + analog curtis filter, Osc-Sync, Ringmodulation (AM)...

The SQ-80 is very underrated, easy to program and really nice for PPG Wave and Prophet VS like sounds but nevertheless particularly in sound. The perfect machine for ambient music or horror movie soundtracks.

more info: and

btw My first vintage synth albums "Ambient Traxx" and "Electro Traxx" are OUT NOW! Track review on my homepage."






Roland GC 10 Soft Synths

YouTube via WayneJoness. Update: see WayneJoness' YouTube channel for more. Note for all YouTube videos you can click through the video playing to get to the video on YouTube. Once there you can click on the link for the YouTubers alias for more. You can also checkout the thumbnails after any video here or there for related videos.

Open Question: Where can I find Piano (Synthesizer) notation for famous hindi song from "jab we met"?

Hi, I want notation for playing "Na hai yeh pana" song on Synthesizer. I can find notations for Guiter but not for piano. Can somebody suggest me correct place?

TRADE: Minimoog for New Teeth

via this craigslist post
"BARTER vintage minimoog model D for new teeth. Preferably dentures. This is the famous Dr. Moog's, first complete synthezier to hit the tours of many a band! "minimoog model D" with a 'phat sound' thats hard to duplicate let alone beat!! It is in great shape, just a little wear and tear as it sat in storage for 30 years! It might need a tune-up, i am not sure,as i have never played a synthesizer. But i am sure that when you see it, you'll agree that its a real beauty!! Serial # is 6746 It was built around '74-'75 Thats about halfway through the entire production of these classics. Own apiece of history and while your add it, play a piece of history too!! Barter for dentures. Everything else is non- negotiable! Its "adios" if you offer anything else!!" sent my way via Kerry. If you are an prosthodontist, this might just be your lucky day...

Le Clavier Zébré... The Zebra Keyboard

flickr by Supersyl08

full size

"Alfa Rococo Montréal En Lumières, 19 Février 2008, Vieux-Port
Capturé lors d'un dangereux safari Africain... chez Bouclair!! :)
Captured on a dangerous African safari... At the local Fabric Store :)"

Anyone ID the synth?

How to make your own synth on reaktor 5

YouTube via maltcus

Very basic modular synth made in Reaktor

YouTube via nukebass.
"A very basic DIY tutorial to beginners (like me) showing how to build a basic modular synthesizer in FIVE MINUTES inside Reaktor 5.1. Actually, I made this video to test Camtasia Recorder, a cool software to make videos like this, capturing your desktop activity.

Reaktor itself, comes with a large variety of tools to make modular audio stuff... powerful software indeed! You can build virtually ANYTHING you would imagine regarding audio effects or instruments! Wish I would have plenty of patience and time to dive more deeper into it. Worth your every effort!"

Tetra Maps Diabolical EX-800 Echobox

YouTube via bigcitymusic
"We're using the super unique Signal Arts Tetra Maps Sequencer to run the Diabolical Devices modified Korg EX-800 into the SubDecay Echobox delay pedal.

The Tetra Maps is unlike any other sequencer. You can sequence up to thirty-two MIDI channels as well as four CV and gate outputs for modular and analog synths. The Tetra Maps is not your conventional sequencer, although you could do some pretty normal sequencing if you wanted. The Tetra allows you to fire off multiple sequences at the same time, on the same channel or on different ones. Crazy chasing sequences, continuous controller mayhem, and MIDI to CV are all included in this genius piece.

The Diabolical Devices EX-800 sounds good! We forgot to mention in the last video that you can also process external sounds via the 1/4" jack on the front. Nice.

The Echobox delay pedal from SubDecay is an incredible sounding pedal. Especially for the price! It's a pretty standard delay with the very welcome feature of LFO modulation to the echoes. From subtle pitch modulations to all out swishing echo madness, SubDecay has outdone themselves. And yes. It will self oscillate, sending your sounds into the stratosphere and beyond."

Treat Yourself :)