YouTube via blackmuzzle
"Sequenced entirely on the Fantom, LeadOn was yet another learning experience using a different workflow, not to mention a new keyboard workstation. It's a playful, jazzy piece of electronica.

Equipment: Access Virus TI, Elektron Machinedrum, Roland Fantom G6

More music available at"

Bladerunner atmosphere part 2 Desolation path

YouTube via mik300z. follow-up to this post
"Uploaded this a couple of weeks back, and removed it, apologies!! Anyway , here it is, the feedback from my other vangelis covers prompted me to take another view..."

ESQ1 Parameters for my Vangelis CS80 brass sounds

"the parameters in the video are for the patch which uses the mod. wheel to express the sound (my favourite)!.. By hitting the filter button and changing "wheel" to "env 2" you allow the patch to flow on its own. There are many variations of it, try experimenting with the LFO's and envelopes to suit . I find this patch with the mod wheel to be the best, certainly does not have the warmth of the CS80, but very inspiring.
The track I made for the video is the opening of "love is" by Jon and Vangelis"

Barış Manço - Gülpembe

YouTube via rethoro. Yamaha keytar. via Matt on the AH list.
"'Gulpembe' video clip from 1980s.."

Mujik Now Available on iTunes

available on iTunes here:

see this post and the post linked there for vids.
"Do you want an iPhone app to make beats? And produce like totally awesome tracks with a zillion channels and plugins and automation and 808 simulators and stuff yeah? Oh. Well, this is not for you. Mujik is more than a music app - get away from fake sliders and buttons and enter the world of Mujik, with charming graphics, lovely music, and a wonderfully tactile interface. It’s not rocket science, it’s just fun.

Mujik is brought to you by Lucky Frame, a small team of awesome people based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s lovely here, you should come visit."

via AmazingRolo in the comments of this post.

Roland Juno-106 Chip Clone Available and More

via The Analogue Renaissance

"I have a new version of my 80017A clone available, a clone of the MC5534A wave generator chip is in production now, a rev 2 model of the acid screamer is being sold and sealed switches for the 303/606/808 which should last a life time are stocked. Also some tips with pictures on how to service a juno-106 are published."

You can find them under the Products section at:
The Analogue Renaissance

Airwolf theme on the Roland Fantom G6

YouTube via joukoq. sent my way via Toumal.
"I got the Fantom G on Friday and threw together this as a practise project. Used preset sounds with some minor tweaking. For somewhat better quality:

I routed all instruments through a Super Filter MFX to do some kind of fade in/out, but didn't find a way to automate this, so I've done it in real time here.

The melody probably isn't 100% right. It's mostly based on listening to the Commodore 64 game tune a long time ago. I never actually saw the series. It seems the TV show and C64 melodies differ a bit."

EDP Gnat synth

via this auction

"The Gnat can be powered by batteries or a 9V DC adapter."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 - Original Brochures

via these auctions

"two different Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 synthesizer original brochures. One is a 4-page affair they call the Spec Sheet that is what you'd think of as a sales brochure, the other one appears to be a mailer that folds with similar P-10 propaganda. The text talks about all the features, controls, filters, amps, etc. for the unit."

ARP Synthesizer Flyer - Avatar Omni

via these auctions

"ARP synthesizer flyer, or mailer, or something. April 1978, Volume 7, Number 1

Has write-ups and info on users of ARP products.

Photos include Pete Townsend, Tom Coster, Evenstar, Allan Zavod (Jean-Luc Ponty), Christine McVie, Philip Wu, Mike Rutheford, and Bernie Worrel (Parliment Funkadelic).

Bi-fold format, 4 pages."

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