Handmade Music Austin - DIY music workshops

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"Handmade Music Austin - a new series of DIY music workshops for 2009-2010 presented by Church of the Friendly Ghost.

In a workshop setting, we'll present a newly-designed series of miniature electronic instruments, called Andromeda Space Rockers. No bigger than a credit card, these projects are designed for DIY'ers like you. They can be built in a couple of hours to make a working drum machine, bass generator, or micro-synthesizer. These fun little instruments love to jam together, and they do it by forming a wireless network to keep the rhythm!

Of course, there will be an open jam / performance once the instruments are built.

Workshop dates 2009-2010 October 18 November 15 December 20 January 17 February 28 March 14 April 18

Registration is $45 and includes materials


more info:"

Phantom of The Paradise (1974)

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That would be TONTO in the background.

You might recognize the shot from the Synths in TV and Film post.

See I love hot dogs for a few more shots and a write-up on the film.

Bottom: nice grill

Hmm... was this the first grill? Is it actually a grill? The grill before the grill? Would be cool if the first grill ever was somehow associated with synths.

Tony Horsman's DIY Euro Case

"400+ HP Euro rack designed and built by Tony Horsman. This is a work in progress - the outer frame shown is temporary."

You can find more pics at Horsman Inc

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1950s Maestrovox Valve Synthesizer

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"Maestrovox 1950's Vintage Valve Synthesizer, Serial Number 1098. One of only 19 officially known to still exist in the world today!

Maestrovox tube (valve) synthesizers / keyboards / organs first went on sale on May 5th 1952 at the British Industries Fair at Olympia, London, where it was hailed as the "Success of the Year" taking orders in excess of £80,000! that would be about £1.6 million pounds today! It was endorsed by numerous music stars of the era."

New from Kenton Electronics
"The Killamix™ DJ, as its name suggests, is aimed at the DJ market. Again this controller is mainly aimed at Ableton Live and Tractor users.

The unit has three channel strips and a master section.

Each channel strip has a Master Volume with six rotary knobs below that. Beneath that again are 6 buttons which illuminate when active, intended for mutes, AB selection and headphone monitor. Beneath that are two pads which can be used for firing off samples. It is intended that on production versions, these pads would be velocity sensitive, allowing them to be used as drum pads.

The master section is similar but beneath the master volume has four rotary knobs and a joystick. Again it has the six buttons, and below that a cross-fader.

The whole unit is finished in brushed aluminium, and has USB and MIDI ports for connection to your computer. Production models would be mains powered, although the prototype shown uses a power adaptor. Production models will have aluminium knobs too, rather than the Moog type knobs on this prototype."

"LNDR is a master and slave pair that allows MIDI to be sent accurately in both directions across distances of over 500 metres (1640 feet) using a standard CAT5 cable.

This is over 33 times the distance achievable using standard MIDI cables. Master unit is mains powered using included PSU."

"MERGE-4. Merge the MIDI data from up to 4 separate sources into a single MIDI data stream which appears at both of the MIDI out sockets.

Mains powered using supplied power adaptor so you can fit and forget. Brushed aluminium case."

"The USB SOLO [previously posted] enables you to get the most from your analogue synth via your computer’s USB port.

All the features of the proven Pro-Solo mkII but with 40 memories plus the higher speed and greater convenience of a USB connection."

NIna Belief & Ronin @ MRX

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If anyone knows their website, let me know and I'll link to it.
Update2: Some cool synth pics there.

Update1: image via this article in the LA Weekly.

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"Nina Belief live at minimal synth party M/R/X-Wolfpak in Los Angeles 9/26/09."

NiNa Belief & Ronin Live at M.R.X. Los Angeles

"Miami Minnimal Electrocutes NiNa Belief & Ronin
Perform "Black Bird Watch"
Live at M.R.X. 9.26.9"

Inside Juno

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"circuit board and cabling inside a Roland Juno 6 synthesizer"

Puremagnetik Waveframe

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"Waveframe is a an advanced wavetable synthesizer designed exclusively for the features of Ableton Live. Based on the Ensoniq Fizmo, Waveframe contains over 1700 wavetable samples, over 30 waveform Live Racks and a generous selection of performance patches."

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