4ms Pedals - Triwave Picogenerator

via the Big City Music blog where you'll find more pedals coming from 4ms. See these posts and scroll for video and earlier incarnations of the Triwave Picogenerator.


sample pack via puremagnetik

"A captivating library of instruments and phrases based on Casio's Phase Distortion technology of the CZ-1. Additionally, Phazeform includes a collection of looped phrases from the SK-1 and VL-Tone classics."

via brian c

CANCEL CABLE- Screwin' Around on the SP

YouTube via Handcancel
"Oh nothing.. just messing around with a stock SP-606. I didn't even use any samples, it's just the oscillator (pad) effect 44 with some D-Beam synth & filter tweaking and some BPM Slice & Flange thrown in for good measure."

CANCEL CABLE- Bangin' Around on the X

YouTube via Handcancel
"Just to show how cool the stock ARS-X Pro sounded. I banged around using the 'Rock' kit through Insert Effect 21 'DDL-Flanger'."

AudioCube test #1

YouTube via AlloyElectric
"Here's a little preview of the new stuff I'm developing for Percussa. Their AudioCubes are really amazing controllers and offer a unique opportunity to design music interfaces that are truly original. Here's my first step in that direction..."

AudioCube test #2

"Here's some further progress on the AudioCubes software I've been working on for Percussa. Here I've added a looping feature, so whenever the player is not immediately interacting with the cube, the most recent interactions are looped. Also I added a VST host so that any VSTi can be loaded and manipulated with this patch."

ResoDrum 1

YouTube via AlloyElectric
"This is an electronic instrument played like a hand drum. It is both sensor and speaker. The sounds you are hearing are coming from the ResoDrum itself via a transducer bolted to the underside. Tap on it lightly and you get small percussion sounds; hit it hard and it goes berserk.

(Note that the audio and video are slightly out of sync. The ResoDrum reacts without noticeable latency.)"

ResoDrum 2

Muff Wiggler Forum July 2009 Gathering

YouTube via scootermccrae
"On July 18th, 2009, I had a number of strangers who I know (or know of) from the forum come to my apartment to have fun working with the modular analog audio equipment I had lying around or the machinery they brought over themselves to integrate into whatever systems we were spontaneously creating.

So there was much drunken debauchery and noise-making to be had amongst the participants.

Keep in mind that this is just a non-linear overview of the day that demonstrates how people traveled from one room to another to patch cables and twiddled knobs. Over the course of the nine hours that people spent in my apartment, there were many audio breakthroughs and learning experiences that would be impossible to document here without a far more thorough camerperson than myself at the helm.

Needless to say, as the cameraperson, I'm not in this video -- so it's NOT a Mondo Modular episode (so I apologize to any subscribers expecting otherwise).

Please enjoy and thanks as always for checking this out.

Scooter McCrae"

The Amazing Spectralis II -Now part of the DIV digital rig

YouTube via kipptumor
"This is the Spectralis II (brand new model) taking it's clock signal from Red Voyager Beat extractor that is literally listening to the mix coming from the laptop/Ableton set-up. Once you understand what exactly is going on in this video the top of your skull will pop off and your mind will do a 360 in mid-air, returning to its original position, but altered in a permanent state of "you're kidding". This is the bare-boned digital system (without the Kaoss pad, Kaossilator, or Percussa audio cubes, and, obviously, without the video gear), using only the Logitech joystick to cherry-pick through the on-screen clips & activate the effects for each channel, the Novation X Station to fade the 8 channels on screen up and down and its joystick to control Ableton's effects' parameters, and, of course, the amazing Spectralis II from Radikal technologies. The silkscreening is still a little tacky it's so new (just kidding-it is beautiful). This is just me finally getting the hang of this thing (sort of) at 1:30 in the morning. The music is a mixture of the Spectralis' other-worldly sounds, our own MIDI mixes (original compositions), other artists' music, and a lot of beats, grooves, and loops at all times. I even demonstrate the ability to "jam" along on the X Station's built-in 300-voice digital synthesizer. Enjoy! More thrills await you at"

flolktek Modified Omnichord om-250

"The Mod unit features a 25 point magnetic patchbay and 12 patchable keys. Any point combination or multiple point combos create glitched out beats and various effects. The patchable keys create a pallete of effects at you finger tips. Patches effect the beats as well as the strum plate and chords."

See folktek for samples and more. via the folktek blog.

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