Sequential Circuits Pro 1 SN 3922 w/ Original Box

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"SCI Pro one J-Wire in very good condition, inspected, clean, full working order. Has been Pro serviced. Used in home studio and handeled with care.

new keybushings
keys washed
Keybed cleaning
Cleaning Key contacts"

1979 Oberheim OB-X Rev 1 SN 793509

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"Most important thing to note- The power supply has completely died. There are kits to fix/rebuild the power supply (very common issue with the OB-X) at synthchaser for $59.99."

Sequential Circuits PROPHET VS Digital Vector Synthesizer with 1.2 OS

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Note the comment in the following description regarding it doesn't sound like a subtractive synth is a bit misleading. It is a subtractive synth with four digital oscillators that you can morph through. That said, with its analog filters it does sound amazing. Vector synthesis made its way in entirely digital form into the Yamaha TG33 & SY22, followed by the KORG Wavestation.

1979 Moog Minimoog D SN 18947

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via the seller: "I am the original owner of this mini moog -purchased it in 1979 at Sam Ash LI
It's been in the Anvil Hard Case for over 20 years-hardly used-fully operational;wood needs some refinishing
other then that it's in great shape"

Moog Voyager XL SE Black Tolex

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No Longer In production

Mint ! 10/10 Never Used

Korg PolySix With Midi Mod

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"Excellent shape for its age."

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