Groove electronics M2CV Midi Converter w/ S-Trig

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"I won’t lie, it’s a pest to set up, but is a dirt cheap Midi to CV converter which can do 2 synths at once. One of these synths can be S Trig, so you can sync your old Moog gear. Once it’s set up it works perfectly."

Original 1975 Black and Gold ARP Odyssey MKII 2813 SN 0359

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"Fully functioning, to the best of my knowledge, and recently serviced with a clean bill of health from Chris Hewitt at"

This one was listed back in 2012.

Access Virus TI2 Desktop Whiteout Limited Edition SN 017/100

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"This is a near-mint condition, limited edition (#17 of only 100) Virus TI2 desktops that were produced in their polar white color."

Chimera Synthesis BC16 Battery Driven Modular

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The BC16 was phased out on September 7th, 2008.

"Super Rare, very limited production run from the now defunct Chimera Synthesis. This unit was bought new and has only had one owner. Included are the Inverter, half a dozen patch cables with micro banana jacks, a homemade audio out cable and a cable to alligator clip and a tiny hex wrench for removing the batter cover. This

Quasimidi SIRIUS w/ Custom Side Wood Panels

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"Original sides included, Vocoder mic, gig bag, AC adapters for EUROPE and US, Original manuals
no cosmetic signs, works properly."

Vintage Roland Revo30 SN 442830

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Just when you thought you've seen everything... This is the first Roland REVO-30 to be featured on the site. It appears to be a leslie rotary speaker effect.

From the listing:


reportedly makes speakers sound like Leslie Brand rotating speakers


P.S. To check out "new

Nord Lead 3 Performance Synthesizer

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"The Nord Lead 3 is a incredible synthesizer. It is getting hard to find, especially in mint condition. It has perhaps the best interface of any subtractive synthesizer ever made. Each knob is surrounded by a lit rotary led collar letting you know your precise settings everywhere on the panel. Amazing sound with a five voice unison effect that does not take anything from the

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