Oto Machines Biscuit - Lo-Fi Delay / Filter / Distortion Effects Box

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"If you're looking at this listing, then you're probably already aware of the cult following the Biscuit has. One of the coolest delays I've heard, and that's just scratching the surface. One of my favorite easter eggs of the Biscuit is the bassline synth mode, Der Oto, which has an especially cool 2-op FM algorithm

*Custom One of a kind. 4U rackmount Metasonix KV-100 Assblaster "Brony edition" *Signed on back.

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via this seller: "This is a beyond special collectors items and I will probably only list it for a day or two so here goes..
Cosmetically & functionally perfect. Original lunchbox not included - this has been converted to a sweet 4U rackmount unit, custom-made to Metasonix's spec (and signed by the man himself! See pic's) kept in a clean, smoke-free space.

This is completely

Roland Mc-8 Microcomposer And Mc-8 Interface w/ Extras

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You can find an unboxing video by peahix for another unit in the listing and previously posted here. Note the seller is not peahix.

"The MicroComposer can accurately adjust various production elements and sound effects of a synthesizer, such as VCO, VCF and other voltage controlled components, which is almost impossible to perform manually by an interpreter. The MC-8 was

Roland JD 800 Programmable Synthesizer SN AC80414

Published on Jan 26, 2018 diego992

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"The unit has the infamous red glue problem that has rendered the keys unplayable but this issue does not affect the module at all and as a sound source/module it works as intended. Cosmetically the synth is in very good condition as can be seen in the pictures and all the knobs/buttons/faders and functions work as they should (this can be

Vintage Kurzweil 250 / K-250 Sampler Synthesizer Keyboard SN 87101512

Published on Mar 12, 2018 Synthle Simon

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"In very good cosmetic condition and functioning well. Needs some expert attention. Keybed is great and keys are level. Felt is still good. All keys sound and all sample presets play. Some buttons and sliders need work. Volume slider doesn’t affect volume. It sounds like the potentiometer is stuck wide open. I am not proficient with

Dave Brown Computer Voltage Source CVS MOTM Format

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"Dave Brown DJB - Computer Voltage Source (CVS) Synth Module
MOTM Format 5U Synthesis Technologies

8 channel voltage source module with the AtomPro28 processor.
Information and programs for this module can be found on, it currently has the Super Sequencer program installed.

Uses the RS-232 cable to cpu to switch programs (cable included). Not sure if


LELL Clapper | Hand Clapper pedal |Demo by Factorysounds

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The knobs: Timbre, Hall (Sustain), Sensitivity

Output: TRS 1\4 "jack" connector

Power source: 9v Power adapter or 9v bar battery

Dimensions: 12x8.5x6 cm (4.7x3.3x2.4 in)"

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