Dirty Carter Experimental Sound Instrument

via this auction"The Dirty Carter Experimental Sound Generating Instrument uses a dual 4-stage shift register. Each register is controlled independently. Two oscillators are used per register: one as a clock, the other as input data that is cascaded through the four stages. The outputs from the stages are mixed together. A fast clock rate produces a crude form of wavetable synthesis, whilst a

Moog Realistic MG-1 with Audio Input Mod

via this auction"This MG-1 has been completely refurbished at Syntaur, and is fully functional. All switches and pots have been cleaned, so there are no glitchy notes or scratchy pots. The power supply has been recapped, for many more years of good service.We have added an audio input circuit, to allow the wonderful Moog filter to be used to process external audio. But instead of drilling holes

Roland JX-8P Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction"The Roland JX-8P Synthesizer is a 6 voice programmable synthesizer with Dynamics and After Touch functions. lts memory retains as many as 96 patch programs; 64 preset tone colors which are non-volatile and 32 in its internal memory which are freely programmable."

Studio Electronics CODE 4 OD Version

via this auction"This version comes with the standard 24db (Moog Filter), 12 db (classic Oberheim SEM). 12db filter has low pass, bandpass, high pass and band reject modesPLUSYamaha CS80 filters on each voice card and the OD (Over Drive) option.4 individual Ins and Outs means you can have 4 mono sounds at once + This synth can also filter external sounds!Or go straight to the Stereo outs for a

Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309

via this auction"Ultra rare in the USA, Quasimidi didn't sell many USA items before they ceased trading.Great groovebox, this is what the Roland MC-303 should have been!Virtual analog and sample based drum and synth soundsStep sequencerMultiple real-time control knobsCan produce some very cool sounds and patterns"


via this auction"This auction is for an original EMS Vocoder 2000. Very rare unit! Very creative and musical tool. The previous owner told me he got it from the Electric Light Orchestra (Mr.Blue Sky) but I don't have proof of this. They are known to have used this model. Many other top artists used the Vocoder 2000. It has a very complete feature set with some nice tricks. It just had a new meter

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