scribbler, jomox t resonator and tube zipper

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"the scribbler.
a circuit bent crayola keyboard. features include a switch to toggle between two "basscapes" two completely different glitches that makes the keyboard spit out rhythmic figures of bass tones, beeps, squalls, screams, and general rhythmic backgrounds. the switch toggles between two different head sets of the bass thick rhythmic sound textures.. the two note polyphony of the lofi keyboard breaks up both sounds of polyphony into possible bassscape voices. with that kind of breakup of lofi sound it produces all kinds of interesting modulation with and against those two notes of polyphony.. to make things more interesting modulation wise the scribbler features an lfo with depth and rate to help modulate and coax sounds into different rhythmic backdrops. besides the bass scape settings the instrument functions as normal as a warm lovely square wave sound of piano and organ. there is a simple onboard sequencer and some cheesy demos. it tends to sound really great with analog filters and other types of modulation devices..

in this particular demo the scribbler is utilized with a jomox t resonator and a electro harmonix tube zipper is routed in a feedback loop within the jomox t resonator. the scribbler definately sounds good to my ears in envelope followers, filters, delay and anything to compliments its thick sounding evolving rhythmic ambient nature.

the keyboard comes with pitch knob, a switch to control two different glitch bass rhythmic textures. an lfo with depth and rate, a switched speaker with a quarter inch out. lfo indicator in red and a vintage green pilot lens to indicate power. all components, knobs, switches, etc match the keyboard and the look is to blend in with the color scheme of the keyboard's original design. the scribbler runs on 4 AA batteries.

the circuit bent scribblers are available by sale and commision. i'll have a small run of original stock crayola keyboards. keyboard is over 10 years old and out of market. new in the box keyboards ready to go."

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Music: The Electronic Edge (1/2) 1976

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"Another favorite of mine, partially narrated by John Cage, this film predicts where music is going pretty well. A good watch."

Music: The Electronic Edge (2/2) 1976

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