Teisco 110f Analogue Synthesiser w/ Custom Knobs & Side Panels

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"Vintage and rare Teisco 110f 2vco analogue synth. Has had custom aluminium end cheeks fitted and a set of bespoke aluminium knobs. The slider caps are vintage roland replacements.
The condition is well used with a few scratches on the panel but fully working, It does have a few scratchy faders however so it is advisable to expect to have this serviced at

Oberheim OB8 SN O40214

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"Hi Dear Collectors,

here for sell my OB8:

Very good conditions.
Keyboard ok, panel ok, few dents...
It has one of the best filters ever made: SWEET! Forget about DSI filters...

Chek my other Auctions: i'm selling the pieces every collectors want.
I was in a clinic for GAS, now i feel ok:)

!!! Free shipping if you

ARP Quadra

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via the seller, a supporting MATRIXSYNTH member:

"Hi All,
i'm selling some units from my synth collection.
This ARP Quadra is in very nice shape.
Some minor scrathes on the membrane,
few dents on the metallic panel,
moist of the sliders are fluid, some less.

In general is ok to be a 1978 unit.

It is not been refurbished or recapped.
It is in the original condition

Korg Poly Ensemble PE-1000 Analog Synthesizer

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"The Polyphonic Ensemble P was one of KORG's first polyphonic instruments. Instead of using divide down oscillator technology to achieve full polyphony, the PE-1000 is one of a very few paraphonic (or polyphonic) synths from the 1970s which has a seperate oscillator per key, if not the only one, which makes it sound richer since detuning between octaves is possible (that's what

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 with MIDI SN 3313

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"Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 in excellent condition (as you can see on the pictures).
Rev 3.2 (serial n°3313) with MIDI"

Was listed as a 3.3 back in Feb, 2017, in another listing.

Jan 1975 Minimoog Model D

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"The legendary Moog model D, one of the most famous analog synthesizers from the 1970's. Serial # 6785 Made in 1976."

Roland Juno-106 - Vintage Analog Synthesizer

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"This one is in exceptional cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just been serviced and is ready to be used."

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