Elektron MonoMachine SFX60 MKII w/ Original Box

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"At first glance, the Elektron Monomachine SFX 60 MKII tabletop synthesizer/sequencer looks a lot like an old-school sequencer workstation, and it is a sequence workstation, but it's a whole lot more too. Actually, the Monomachine SFX 60 MKII is more like five synthesizers in one, plus a powerful step sequencer and a crazy effect engine all put together with tomorrow's

Schaller Rotor Sound

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Note this is the first post to feature Schaller.

"The legendary Schaller Rotor Sound.
Perfect working, very good cosmetical condition.
Sounds great!"

Lell RC Russian Reverberator ( Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Flanger)

Published on Feb 24, 2018 RR

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"Lell RC russian reverberator made in USSR from the 80's.

As for the old russian effects usually reverberator means more what we call delay nowadays.
So it's rather delay unit than reverb.

There is 2 chorus, 2 flanger, hall, 2x repeat delay, and two delay mode (called reverb:) can be used simutaneously.
There is a hold (button with endless sign)

Roland Rhythm Plus PB-300 Drum Machine and PR-800 Digital Piano Recorder

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"The drum machine is working fine, sounds great.

The PR-800 seems working fine too. All knobs are react, sending and receiving midi signal. But I have no Roland HP 300-400 keyboard to test it properly.

Cosmetically both super nice.
A variation knob on the drum machine is missing"

Pollard Syndrum Quad

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"As you probably know, this is a very rare piece of kit. The Quad is king of all the Pollard Syndrums. Made famous by the Cars, Bozio, Porcaro, Queen, Little River Band. You can’t get this tone anywhere else.

This synth was owned by David Eagle who recorded and toured a lot in 80’s, 90’s, 00’s. His previous ownership of this unit is evidenced by a sticker on the bottom of the


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"Legendary EDP Wasp by Chris Huggett, quirky looking toylike synth but a serious piece of kit, capable of rip roaring synth lines, fat bass...just straight up dirty with so much character. Great for all types of Electronic music.

This has recently been serviced by a top UK tech and has also had the “MidiWasp” retrofit added for midi in and thru functions; great for studio use!

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