Yamaha FS1R FM/Formant Shaping Tone Generator/Synthesizer

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You can find an iPad editor here.

"16 Operator Fm Synth. 8 voiced (like DX/TX but more) + 8 unvoiced, per voice- used for un-pitched vocal sounds like consonants, etc. (like nothing else out there). 4 part Multi, but better in single mode. No manuals but they are downloadable...

Yamaha FS1R Specifications:

Synthesizer Section

Tone Generator : Formant Shaping / FM Synthesis

Vintage Korg Polysix Analog Synthesizer SN 466466

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"This polysix is in good working shape. It was a victim of battery corrosion and had a clone KLM-367 installed with a new battery. It also had the keyboard scaler replaced. The voices are pretty in tune, there is room for improvement. Also, the filter cutoff isn't perfectly adjusted on all of the voices. I adjusted both by ear because I don't have an oscilloscope but it should

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