Atari ST Commodore 64 CO-OP

Published on Feb 11, 2013 Aizerowe·33 videos

"just some testing fooling around, Sorry for the lens flare."

Atari Video Music C-240 with Lars Larsen (LZX Switched On) Mods

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"The original Atari C-240 Video Music device is rare, and here is an even rarer unit with modifications by Lars Larsen from LZX Industries! Switched On, the synthesizer store in Austin had Larsen modding c240s for a brief time in 2010 and 2011 before Larsen moved on and started LZX.

The some modifications that make this unit 1000x more handy than an original:
Replaced the

Atari 2600 & Mini Atari with Synthcart

Published on Feb 3, 2013 HentaiSwitch·13 videos

"Atari 2600 Playing Synthcart. Mini Atari in Kids processor.Have Fun:D"

Atari 520ST Chip Doom - Kompositkrut

Published on Jan 9, 2013 Aizerowe·34 videos

"Using the YM2149 in my Atari 520 STfm 3 Channels the project song file size is 44 Kb. No samlings almost only pulswave with some Buzz and the noise osc. ofc."

Atari 520ST - Atari Kingdom / Kompositkrut

Published on Jan 3, 2013 Aizerowe·33 videos

"Composed in Maxymiser, music captured from my real Atari 520 STfm."

Atari2600-chip dub cartridge

Published on Dec 11, 2012 by burnkit2600

"This is a prototype of a new music cartridge from Burnkit2600! It features two songs from our "Duke Dubious Digital Dub Selector" album. Lo-fi chip dub played on a real Atari! Contact us if you would like to pre-order a cart or stay tuned to for more details. Thanks to Paul Slocum and Ctrix for writing helpful software tools."

ATARI 520 ST - Kompositkrut

Published on Aug 28, 2012 by Aizerowe
"From now on I will mainly be using my new Channel at
I will still use this Channel but not as much and I will only post full length songs on my new Channel. and uppload vid´s of my new studio and my diy-synth-project and so on : )"

Atari Video Music C240 with Original Box & Manual

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"For sale is a vintage Atari C240 analog video music synthesizer. Input your audio and out comes awesome 8 bit analog graphics. A blast to play with at home, for parties or for live shows. This one is in perfect shape and comes with original box. See pictures below for more details. Don't miss out!"

Circuit Bent Modified Atari Synthcart

via this auction"Added standard 1/4" audio output jacks for easy connection to your mixer, amp or pa. The output jack also features a volume control knob. On/Off Led to indicate the status. Baseband RCA video output jack so you can connect this to your tv or monitor without using the switchbox. These are incredibly cool vintage sounding synthesizers that i rarely get a chance to mod anymore. You

Vintage Atari Video Music C-240 Heavily Modified Video Synt

via this auction"Up for sale is a heavily modified Atari Video Music video synthesizer.It was modified by Lars of LZX Industries.It can still operate as an Atari Video Music would normally work, but with added mods on the top of the machine, it can go into wild new territories!Check out this video demo of a similarly modded unit by LZX: [video below]It's

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