Z (The Finale) - Michal Patulski A - Z

Published on Dec 14, 2014 Michal Patulski

And the full A-Z:

Note there are two F tracks and Q is missing. Regarding the omission of Q: "There's no Q because my Waldorf Q is unfortunately dead/baked. It had an accident just before recording "Q"! How strange is that! That's why I skipped it."

just X

Published on Nov 8, 2014 Michal Patulski

"some more analog bleep bleep"

U is for Underground

Published on Nov 1, 2014 Michal Patulski

"Recorded on analog tape at 15ips."

RIP Mark Bell of LFO

Some sad news in. It appears Mark Bell of LFO passed away this month due to complications in surgery.  Many of you will remember him from his classic house tracks back in the early days of warehouse raves. I remember their namesake track "LFO" as one of only a handful of tracks you'd eagerly await to come on. He was part of the birth of a completely new genre of underground electronic music

R is for Reconstruction (new studio vid)

Published on Oct 13, 2014 Michal Patulski

"Atari ST = sequencing. Akai Z8 = drums and samples. Deep Bass 9 = bassline, Korg ms20 mini = solo lead."


Published on Oct 10, 2014 Great mesmo

"My Kraftwerk Klone,Roboticx (pronounced robotics).
Made in the late 90's with an Atari 1040ste and an Akai So1.Recorded onto a Tascam 8 track through a Spirit Soundcraft mixer (16:8:2) with effects from my rack.Drums were from my Korg 01/WR"


Published on Sep 24, 2014 midierror

"A free sample pack crammed with over 800 individual samples and 70+ Loops. All recorded direct from C64, AtariSt and Nintendo Gameboy.

The pack contains 844 samples:

Gameboy [Nanoloop, LSDJ]
91 x Bass, Synth, Lead, Perc and SFX Hits
117 x Sampeld Drum Hits

SID [Cynthcart, Retroskoi]
61 x Bass, Lead and SFX Hits

Custom MIDI Controller in Atari 1040ST Case & Yamaha YM2149 Mini Synth

via this auction

This is the one in the video posted here. The Mini Synth is listed separately here. Details & pics captured further below.

"This is a unique custom MIDI controller

It is a M-Audio Oxygen 25, cased in an Atari 1040 STf computer case.
All function keys mapped to the numeric keys.
25 keys, 8 pots, pitch bend and mod wheel.
USB socket on the back.

Dimensions: 19x11,5x3 inches"

P is for Possibilities

Published on Sep 13, 2014 Michal Patulski

"80's vibes"

Treat Yourself :)