Arturia Easel V Exploration

Published on Dec 8, 2017 Trübüla

"A brief improvisation with the new Arturia's Buchla Music Easel V
:) Recorded live with ScreenFlow. No Post.

Finally I can put my hands on the Buchla Music Easel ... ok is a virtual one, but is so so so funny :D"

Radiothérapie - Immanuel (Riamiwo Remix) Studio Livesession (Riamiwo StudioVlog 71)

Published on Dec 8, 2017 riamiwovideos

"I made a Remix of the track Immanuel from Radiothérapie.


Listen to the track also on soundcloud:

Release Title: Immanuel EP
Artist: Radiothérapie
Remixer: Riamiwo
Release-Date: 06.12.2017

EP 140g transparent blue vinyl in simply white paper sleeves housed in a

West coast synthesis explained on the Buchla Easel V by Arturia

Published on Dec 6, 2017 loopop

"The Buchla Easel is a legendary 'West Coast' synth that draws you in with a colorful and friendly interface, and takes you to places you'd never thought are possible.

This clips explains the principles of west coast synthesis and demonstrates them on Arturia's Buchla Easel V"

Arturia Introduces Virtual Polyphonic Buchla Music Easel, Fairlight CMI, DX7, Clavinet in V Collection 6

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Arturia


Arturia announces V Collection 6
Arturia announces CMI V
Arturia announces DX7 V
Arturia announces Buchla Easel V
Arturia announces Clavinet V

And a couple of user videos followed by some details on each:

Arturia Buchla Easel V Dual S&H Sequence Sound Design

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Rishabh Rajan

"A tutorial on creating a unique Sample & Hold type

Mini Live Jam #37: Beatstep/ Patchblocks tek.drum/ Waldorf Streichfett & Rocket/ Volca Keys/ ...

Published on Dec 3, 2017 Kalkartronic

"Live Jam by Kalkartronic:
Gear set-up: Arturia Beatstep Midi into Kenton Midi Thru 5 to Waldorf Rocket, iStudio (with Xynthesizr and Alchemy running on ipad) and Volca Keys. Volca Keys sync out to Patchblocks tek.drum. Streichfett thru Mooer Micro Looper and Mooer Repeater, and Korg Kaossilator in standalone mode.
Recorder: Edirol R-1
Cam: Ricoh WG-M1

Arturia Origin Desktop Synthesizer w/ Firmware 1.4.1 Installed

via this auction

"Has the very hard to obtain firmware 1.4.1 (build 36673) installed!

Notable features found ONLY in firmware 1.4.x:

SEMFilter module

VoiceModulator module

ToneWheel percussion parameters

Added popup menus for Filters and Oscillators

Multi FX Mode for Multi presets"

Orazio Del Core - Snowflakes (XmasHoliday live session)

Published on Dec 2, 2017 vistaandaudio

"Produced & performed by:
Orazio Del Core 2017.
I had to overdub the Chorus with an additional piano. the original was to low in the mix. Enjoy & have a great Xmas!"

Orazio Del Core - XYZ (Original Mix) Live Session

Published on Nov 30, 2017 vistaandaudio

"Produced & performed by :
Orazio Del Core 2017"

Korg Volcas, Monologue, mini KAOSS pad, and Arturia Microbrute.

Synthtastic Christmas - Silent Night - Electronic Version Yamaha Reface CS MiniNova Boutique SH-01A

Published on Nov 29, 2017 kvfive

"Electronic version of the Christmas Carol 'Silent Night'

Yamaha Reface CS
Novation MiniNova
Roland Boutique SH-01A
Korg Volca Sample
Arturia Beatstep Pro
Roland System 1

Please check out my website -

Thanks for dropping by & checking this video out !

Merry Christmas."

Arturia Drumbrute Mystery Beats.

Published on Nov 28, 2017 PaulLawlerMusic

"First test with the Arturia Drumbrute being processed by multiple Eurorack FX modules. The audio is slightly out of sync but hopefully it's a welcome alternative to the many techno demos."

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