Roland Space Echo RE-201 Tape Effect Demo w/ Synthesizers #10

Published on Oct 2, 2017 gstormelectro

"Audio and video produced by G-Storm Electro c.2017

Today I present the Roland RE-201 Space Echo audio demo w/ synthesizers and a TR-8 drum machine. The RE-201 is a vintage delay effect from the 70s using a tape loop and Spring tank reverb. It's been used on lots of psychedelic rock, trip hop, alternative, dub, progressive house music and more. The Space

The NDLR - a PAD demo with easy to see and hear notes

Published on Sep 21, 2017 Conductive Labs

"Here's a demo of the PAD feature showing how the notes get played. We are using Arturia's 'Piano V' soft instrument running on Win10. The NDLR is connected to the PC directly.

Typically I like to use strings, pads, & FXs for the PAD voices, but in this video we used easy to hear notes and a 'live' piano keyboard so you can hear and see exactly which

The Fusionbox freaks up the Drumbrute

Published on Sep 21, 2017 Kablehead

"The Fusionbox from Erica Synths is a wild and moody machine.
In this Video you can hear it processing a drum beat.
It also sounds very nice on synths and can be used as a phaser, flanger and chorus."

Arturia beatstep - fluid audio F5 sound ambient

Published on Sep 20, 2017 Kyros Official Channel

"Ciao a tutti ragazzi...
In questo video andremo a vedere come fare una piccola performance live ambient music usando pochi strumenti sequenziati dal beatstep ARTURIA . Vi invito a lasciare un bel like se il video vi è piaciuto e se avete domande da fare su altra strumentazione non esitate a commentare. Buona visione !!!!!"


"Hello all

DrumPlay 091717

Published on Sep 17, 2017 Henry Birdseye Jr.

"This was the start of an exercise to see how many drums voices I could get out of my big box.

I used an Optomix with some noise for #1 Disting MK3 Resonator for #2 Braids in various modes for #3 Rings for #4 Little Drummer Boy for #s 5, 6 and 7 Radio Music playing drum samples for #8

I noticed a couple things right away.

The Disting resonator

Arturia Minibrute & Boss RV6 Reverb

Published on Sep 17, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Minibrute synthesiser through the RV6 reverb.

No further processing except normalisation."

Bjords of Canadia (Roland SH-01A)

Published on Sep 15, 2017 sprunging for voltage

"The newest studio acquisition - the new Roland Boutique SH-01A.

So far, it is proving to be a lovely and lively little beast. Whilst twiddling about with it, I came upon some Boards of Canada-ish tones and went with it. Also in play are the TR-8 and Drumbrute, the JU-06, and a Microbrute. The SH-01A is passing thru a Moog MF-102 (for some

Kraftwerk Autobahn performance in Live with MIDI loops

Published on Sep 15, 2017 Paul Schilling

"A demo of some of the patches I created for the Arturia Modular V (part of the 'Kraft Tribute' patch set), with a little bit of live tweaking.

The Modular and Mini V do a good job of soft clip/distortion like the overdriven Minimoog filter/VCA"

MakeNoise 0-Coast - My first test session after the unboxing with sound demo (Riamiwo StudioVlog 54)

Published on Sep 15, 2017 riamiwovideos

"Last week I got one of these crazy semi modularsynths.. The 0-Coast is really nice and totally different to my other analog-synths. Here are a few patches... just patching around without really knowing what I'm doing:)"

Dualtrx - 10min loop // Drumbrute, Beatstep Pro, Bitbox and Circuit.

Published on Sep 12, 2017 Dualtrx

"Hello guys. This is my first run with the Drumbrute. Also some sampling from the Bitbox, through Beatstep Pro. This is a loop. Longer and complex videos will follow."

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