Arturia Spark Drum Machine

At the 2011 NAMM Show, Arturia announced their new ‘creative drum machine Spark.Arturia Spark is a drum solution made of a software application and a dedicated hardware controller. Sound familiar?Here’s their take on it:“For many years, Arturia has been mainly dedicated to creating synthesizers,” says Frédéric Brun, President of Arturia. “Three years ago, looking at the solutions available for drums, we thought we could bring to this area a little bit of our expertise in virtual analog synthesis and physical modeling.”“Since we also wanted to include samples, we turned to reference companies such as Sonic Reality, Ultimate Sound Bank, Ueberschall and Modern Beats,” ads Brun. “Spark is a creative, simple and fun instrument to use. It offers recreations of many classic drum machines, an expected delivery from Arturia, as well as innovative drum sets and high quality sampled-based acoustic kits. We added many real time effects and a great controller to offer hands-on workflow. To me, Spark is a great alternative to all the MPC-style, Gigs-of-samples-based, complex solutions available today.”The Arturia Spark has an MSRP of $599 / 499€.Check out the demo below and let us know what you think of the Arturia Spark drum machine!Click here to view the embedded video.Arturia Spark Features:

  • 480 Instruments / 30 Kits :
    • Vintage drum machines : Analog recreations in the spirit of the TR-808, TR-909, Simmons SDS-V, and Eprom based LinnDrum, Drumtraks, DMX, and more*.
    • Electronic kits covering the most popular modern music styles : Dub, House, Techno, Hip Hop, RnB… as well as experimental fields thanks to the physical modelling engine.
  • Acoustic drum kits subtly mixing physical modelling and samples for high audio realism.
    • Pristine quality sound engines including:
    • TAE Analog synthesis
    • Multi layered sampling delivered by reference third-party companies
    • Physical modelling
  • FX Pad with Repeat, Tape, Reverse, Strobe, Pan, Mix, 3 mode Filter and Roller
  • Advanced Loop mode with divide and move functions
  • Real-time automation on all parameters
  • 16 track mixer with 9 high quality effects : compressor, reverb, bit crusher, multiband EQ, chorus, delay, distortion, phaser, plate reverb
  • Song Mode with up to 64 patterns by song
  • Shuffle and Shift modes to humanize grooves
  • 16 key – 64 step sequencer
  • 8 velocity sensitive pads
  • Touch sensitive FX Pad
  • 30 knobs for in-depth and immediate sound control
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Works as a universal MIDI controller towards any third-party software


YouTube via Arturiaweb | January 13, 2011 |"Analog Experience THE LABORATORY takes everything good about the Player and Factory and adds new features that turn it into a full production suite! In addition to 3500 fabulous sounding presets made from the best synths ever, we've added 200 Scenes offering layers, beats, arpeggiation and more.And with everything assigned to the controller itself,

NAMM: ARTURIA SPARK Creative Drum Machine

YouTube via Arturiaweb | January 12, 2011 |"Based on analog synthesis, samples and physical modelling, Spark is offering recreations of classic drum machines, innovative beatboxes and acoustic drum sets.Then Spark lets you break through their sonic boundaries thanks to a highly tweakable controller.""BEAT THE FUTURECombining the power of analog synthesis, physical modelling and samples, through

Arturia Origin synthesizer

via this auction"Check out Arturia's Web site at, the new 1.3 update is due out shortly which includes the new jupiter 8. onboard compression among many other on going refinements. These retailed in 2008 at awave for 3800 +au dollars....! "

MacBeth M5N (& Friends)_3

YouTube via synthypnosis | January 02, 2011 | "VELVET VOYAGE - "MacBeth M5N (& Friends)_3" - Performed live 2. Jan. 2011 by Bruno Ender Lee.MacBeth M5N & Doepfer MAQ-Sequencer (melody-seq.), Arp Odyssey (leads), Analogue Solutions Vostok (fx), Korg Delta (bass), Korg DS-8 (metallic leads), Roland JP-8000 (bass-fx), Arturia Moog Modular V (slow metallic seq.).Happy New Year & thanks for watching

A Synth Kid Christmas

via Roger:"four photos from this past Christmas showing my son Matthew (age 3) and what he received for Christmas (ie., Arturia Analog Factory Experience controller, Yamaha YC-25D combo organ, a microphone, and an Excalibur melodica). Thanks a lot and have a wonderful Christmas. :)"Start them early. :)

Synth Cover - Forty Six & 2 (Version 1)

YouTube via audibleobsession | December 23, 2010 | 0 likes, 0 dislikes"A healthy dose of Moogs never hurt anyone. I've started working on a synth cover of a great Tool song and this is the first version of Moog scratch tracks. Its mostly Little Phatty and Arturia Moog, laying down a good foundation for the next version; keep posted, as I'm hoping to upload them all as a sort of "making of"

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