ARP Solus

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"The synth is in great working condition and shows few blemishes. It, however, is missing one of the rubber stands that keep it stable."

Lackan goes Dawless

Published on Jan 25, 2018 Lackan

"The most fun I had in years: I recently got an ARP1601 Sequencer and have now everything hooked up oldschool with CV/Gate. Pro-One is controlling the base pitch of the sequencer and the sequencer is controlling the rest.

The music is one take, played live and recorded in to Logic.

As you can hear I added the vocals later though..."

Demo Arp Omni

Published on Jan 23, 2018 Quedeville Tony

"Synthétiseur analogique"

Sequential Pro-One, ARP Quadra, PPG wave - new wave / synth pop live jam - Berlin Metro

Published on Jan 23, 2018 RetroSound

"(c) 2018 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

bass synth: Sequential Circuits Pro-One Analog Synthesizer (1981)
organ synth sound : PPG wave 2.2 Wavetable Synthesizer (1982)
string sound synth: ARP QUADRA Analog Synthesizer (1978)
drums: Roland TR-707 (1985)

It`s a cover version of one of my favorite new wave tracks - Berlin "Metro"
all played live by

Emperor DecaDance (JV-1080, JX-03, Analog Keys, ARP Odyssey)

Published on Jan 23, 2018 Alba Ecstasy

"For the last 24 hours this theme was bugging my mind. I looked for the appropriate arrangement, and it came out as you can see.
Using: Roland JV-1080 for Symphonique drums and strings/horns, Roland JX-03 for lead, ARP Odyssey for bass and Analog Keys for drums and sequences. Also, using Zoom MS70CDR and Neunaber Slate for effects. Oh, yes: and Arturia

Korg ARP Odyssey FS Rev1 37-Key Analog Synthesizer (SN 228) White/Black w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This is the full-size edition that is assembled in New York. Mint condition with box, power cable, packaging and manual."

Tempting. If I didn't own and original orange on black I'd want a white one.

Moog Minimoog Model D - Moog Polymoog 280A - ARP AXXE - Franck Lhermet

Published on Jan 20, 2018 FRANCK LHERMET

"Moog Minimoog Model D - Moog Polymoog 280A - ARP AXXE - Franck Lhermet"

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