VGM #122: Saria's Song //Lost Woods (Ocarina of Time)

Published on Nov 16, 2017 Ace Waters

"This is a track that I really needed to have a good concept before I covered it. I got the idea to do a 4 to the floor, acoustic meets synth, gabriel inspired cover and just had to go for it. Enjoy!"

Synthchaser #085 - Four ARP 2600 Repairs

Published on Nov 15, 2017 Synth Chaser

"No, not repairing 4 ARP 2600s, making 4 repairs to the same ARP 2600...

In this video we bring life back to an ARP 2600 with 2 dead oscillators, dead sample and hold, and dead left speaker.

Parts used in this video are available at my website. I also repair and restore ARPs and other vintage synths for customers around the

Doepfer DARK TIME & Korg ARP Odyssey

Published on Nov 14, 2017 Rob Welt

"quick demo of my DOEPFER DARK TIME ANALOG SEQUENCER with Korg ARP Odyssey (First Row, via MIDI, Melody) and Moog Mother 32 (Second Row, via GATE, Noise). The Korg MS20 mini is only used as Keyboard Controller for CV. DARK TIME IS FOR SALE ON EBAY"

Space Bass Journey (Roland SE-02, Microbrute, ARP 2600, Volca Keys, JD-Xi, Strymon)

Published on Nov 14, 2017 Ralph Baumgartl

"A Live Synth Jam journey into some bass sequencer lines from the Roland SE-02 monophonic synthesizer combined with some deep bass sounds from the ARP 2600 and Korg Volca Keys. The music is my blend of IDM, Ambient and Electronica with some traces of Berlin School of Electronic Music.

Here’s the full gear list:
Roland SE-02 (Studio Electronics), ARP

ARP Little Brother Demo

Published on Feb 26, 2017

Demo starts at :45.

"Short demo of my newly acquired ARP Little Brother synthesizer expander accompanying my ARP Axxe. The Little Brother arrived in pretty good working order, no repairs needed, although some minor maintenance is in order for a couple of loose switches. It sounds just wonderful. First part of the video shows the AXXE settings. Pretty basic, both

【Trailer】Vengeance Avenger Synthesizer - Cinematic Expansion in January 2018

Published on Nov 10, 2017 Kevin Schroeder

"New library for the Vengeance Avenger synthy! 128 cinematic presets and many mulit samples of my analog gear. Release in January 2018!"

VGM #121: Forest of Mystery // Lost Woods (A Link to the Past) *ZELDA MONTH*

Published on Nov 8, 2017 Ace Waters

"When you slow down the LTTP Lost Woods theme, you kind of also get the Forest Temple from OOT, so yeah. I dropped some lines from that in there too. Enjoy!"


via this auction

Oddest pic of an ARP 2600 ever. I never noticed how thin they were on top. What's crazy about the angle of this particular shot is you can't see where it widens out on the bottom, as you can see in the other pics.

"Excellent, fully working condition.

There are some loose screws on one corner at the back which will need addressing by an expert with music kit. But very well

Roland SE-02 and ARP 2600 Bass (Live Synth Jam)

Published on Nov 5, 2017 Ralph Baumgartl

"In this Live Synthesizer Jam I am using the new Roland SE-02 monophonic Synth in conjunction with the ARP 2600 semi modular Synthesizer. The bass sounds from these two Synths work nicely together, and the 'After Touch' feature of the SE-02 offers great sonic possibilities when playing live. The Jam Session is my style of IDM and Electronica with some

Opus Mie (Roland JU-06, JX-03, System-1, ARP Odyssey)

Published on Nov 4, 2017 Alba Ecstasy

"Some textures, reverbs and delays. The world is simple."

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