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inside an ARP Avater
guitar-synth interface / pick-ups

TB303M + SH101 driven by an ARP Sequencer

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"TB303M + SH101 driven by an ARP Sequencer. The sound is processed through a Yamaha E1005."

Darth and Arp

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ARP Documents


"I got my fingers on a bunch of original ARP Service Manuals, figured i'd share the joy!"

currently has the Little Brother 2950

Shleed - Microtonal Steam Machine

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Steampipe plugin from Reaktor 5
TR-606 samples
Doepfer a100
FL Studio to sequence the whole lot."


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ARP 2600 Filter

Carousel Recording Studio, Brooklyn, NY

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There's quite a bit of interesting vintage gear in the set.

"Wurlitzer Sideman, Mass-Rowe Vibrachime"

"Some photos from Carousel Recording, a vintage keyboard studio in Brooklyn, NY. For more information, go to"

Part Of The Art Test Studio

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"Art Test Music is an independent music and sound design house based in NYC. Art Test has done projects for Nike/Footlocker, Atari, KOOL, MTV, Crown Royal, Adelphi University and more. Recently, Art Test songs have been featured in MTV, LOGO, Ovation and more

For custom-made music for TV, radio, websites, corporate videos and short films or to license an existing Art Test Music track, e-mail"

The 10 Greatest Sounds from Star Wars

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We know R2D2 was made with an ARP 2600.
I'm curious what other synths, software or hardware were used in some of these.
"Roger Ebert has said that for some people, movie history begins with Star Wars. George Lucas has said that sound is "half of the picture". The sounds from the Star Wars series sit between those two quotes. Ben Burtt became the world's most influential sound designer by creating the sounds for the Star Wars series.

This list was created by factoring how famous or influential a given sound is, and also considering the sound from a sound designer's point of view. For example, the Darth Vader sounds are simple to create, yet the voice from James Earl Jones became one of the most influential sounds of the series. Compare that to the voice of Poggle the Lesser, which is not as famous, but a masterpiece of cutting and pasting phonetic sounds together."

BTW, be sure to see this post for more synths in film.

Update: One sound that stood out for me in the first of the new films and not on this list is the sound of the engines in the canyon race. The Star Wars films really did have some great audio effects. Sound makes a movie.

ARP 2600

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"early version ARP 2600 from the personal collection of Phil Cirocco of CMS / Discrete Synthesizers. It features a rare, vintage ARP 2600P V2.0 console and a 3604P keyboard. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a fully functional, killer sounding synthesizer, as well as a rare piece of electronic music history.

This is an early version of the 2600P. It was made in early November of 1971. It is in excellent cosmetic condition. The tolex on the console, as well as the keyboard is in excellent condition - rare for such an early model. The serial number is valid and accurate. It features all original, early type ARP sub-modules. It uses an original ARP 4012 filter. All 3 VCO’s are the great sounding 4027 type. It has the rare, early version 4010 VCA. Since it is a version 2.0, it uses the LM301 op amp for the audio path. However, the op amps are the better sounding military can version. It also uses the original large reverb tank. All of these things combine to form "one great looking and sounding ARP 2600!" To view a production timeline go to: link

The electronics and mechanicals have been restored to 1971 ARP factory specs. It has not been modified or upgraded. The power supply was recently rebuilt to factory specs here at CMS. All the electrolytic bypass capacitors in the entire system have been replaced. This unit is ready for trouble free operation for another 20 years. For modifications and upgrades see: link

The outside of the 2600P console is in very good condition. The lid for the console is also in good condition. All of the chrome latches and corners are present and intact. The Tolex on the inner section is in good condition. There are some tears in the Tolex around the front panel that have been repaired. The front panel is in very good condition except for some small unevenness in the corner of the preamp section. This is probably from some hack trying to open the console incorrectly. The preamp itself has been checked out and is totally functional. There are some small scratches in the paint near the right speaker – see photo. There are also some light scratches around the sliders in the voltage processor section. The front panel has not been drilled or modified in any way. Remarkably, the silkscreen shows no signs of wear and is totally intact. The silkscreen is the more beautiful and complex, early type.

This unit also features all new “Switchcraft” chrome front panel hardware! All the sliders are intact and are fully functional. The original black slider caps were not present when I purchased the unit, so I was forced to replace them with other ARP caps. These caps are original ARP equipment and are very rare and expensive.

It includes the keyboard connection cable as well as the AC cable. The keyboard connector on the 2600 console is brand new. The keyboard connection cable is brand new.

The 3604P keyboard is from the same era. It is in brand new condition and is fully functional. The lid for the keyboard is also in perfect condition. The Tolex covering on the keyboard is in perfect condition. The keys are also in perfect condition. The front panel is in very good condition except for some paint chips near the portamento knob. The keyboard has been meticulously maintained here at CMS for the last 15 years.

This system has been fully calibrated recently here at CMS. It holds pitch and scale regardless of temperature from initial start up to running for 8 hours. With no modifications, it can easily be run from a MIDI converter box and MIDI keyboard instead of the ARP keyboard. For more info on this see: link

This vintage instrument from 1971 is guaranteed fully functional upon delivery by CMS/Discrete Synthesizers."

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