ARP Pro/DGX W/Midi

via this auction

"Great shape for an oldie but goodie."

"AF84 Project 3" Behringer D/Korg Odyssey/Elektron Analog Keys/Machinedrum Demo

Published on Mar 20, 2018 Mattelica

"Live take of an original track with the Behringer Model D and Korg Odyssey CV controlled by the Elektron Analog Keys + 4 internal patches, and the Elektron Machinedrum to a Roland VS880 to a Yamaha MG10xu to a Canon 6D + a 50mm 1.4 lens"

Starter - Lunapark/Minijupe

Published on Feb 11, 2008 de1998

Pure, vintage, gold synth spotting in via @bengoldacre: "MS20, VC10 and more, in their natural habitat"
There are two sets in the video. See what else you can spot, and do not miss the transition.

"Taken from Starter's CDR/DVDR 'Start', the original Songs can be found there oron their 1981 LP 'Starter'"

Found them on BandCamp (they are also on Spotify and

ARP SEQUENCER vintage machine used by many famous musicians

Published on Mar 19, 2018 Vykaar Tones

"Vintage ARP Sequencer quick unpolished demo after repairs to sliders and general oxidation on switches and sockets. Usually it is the sliders that give problems but I did fix one for Macca about two years ago ( I love that he was working with Flood on trippy loopy stuff- I will remove this true but obvious name drop soon after it has had the usual

Analog Keys - ARP Odyssey - Kontakt DM-307 (B Plan)

Published on Mar 18, 2018 Alba Ecstasy

"Since I had to leave my Radias to go so I can have the Analog Keys, not, my drums comes from Roland JD-Xi. Even the JD-Xi has nice drums, from time to time I really need to have something new for the drum track.
This time I used a demo version of the DM-307 for Kontakt.
Read about Radias vs Analog Keys on my Patreon:"

ARP Quadra

via this auction on eBay IT

via the seller, a supporting MATRIXSYNTH member:

"Hi All,
i'm selling some units from my synth collection.
This ARP Quadra is in very nice shape.
Some minor scrathes on the membrane,
few dents on the metallic panel,
moist of the sliders are fluid, some less.

In general is ok to be a 1978 unit.

It is not been refurbished or recapped.
It is in the original condition

Treat Yourself :)