ARP Synthesizer Promo Disc

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"Super rare and cool. 7" promo ARP synthesizer disc. 33 1/3 revs, comes with promo paper. NM condition."

DreamsOfWires - Korg Arp Odyssey & AJH Mini Mod

Published on Jun 23, 2017 DreamsOfWires

"A re-recording of a something I uploaded a year ago, which I originally recorded using only the Arturia iSem app ([posted here]). I've wanted to do an analogue version of it for a long time, but I had to make some compromises; the iSem version was using up to 5 polyphonic voices
(10 VCO's), whereas this version uses just 2 duophonic/paraphonic voices (5

A Kraftwerkian Wedding, Complete with Synth Cake

via the Tampa Bay Times where you'll find more pics and the write-up. No mention of the synth case or synths though.

"David Sanborn reads his vows to Jennifer Huber during their Kraftwerk themed wedding on Wednesday January 4, 2016 at Ella’s Americana Folk Art Cafe in Seminole Heights. Kraftwerk is a German electronic music band that was formed in 1970 in Dusseldorf. MONICA HERNDON | Times"

ARP Avatar Vintage Guitar Synthesizer with Many Extras

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Cosmetic: there are no slider caps on this Avatar (they have long since crumbled or been lost); there is a bit of tape residue marks on bottom center of back panel (see pic); slight wear on right wood end panel; the Sustain slider in the ADSR envelope generator section is broken off almost flush with the front panel (still moveable/functional).

Electronic: scratchy pots/

ARP Odyssey MkII 2810 w/4035 filter, CV/Gate SN 0290

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"Rarest of the Odyssey versions with "4035" filter -- apparently they had to change the filter due to patent issues with Moog because of the ladder topology. While it doesn't sound like a Minimoog it does sound very close to the "4012" filter on the standard (black/grey) 2600, with a nice round, musical resonance and great bass response at zero resonance.

Has factory CV/gate

ARP Odyssey 2800 and Mirano 3R - Synthesizer & Tape Echo Demo

Published on Jun 20, 2017 Soundgas

"Five minutes' wrestling with the wild beast that is the Arp Odyssey 2800 - this one serviced and modded with CV/Gate/Ext inputs and switchable mono/duophonic modes (available now on
The excellent Mirano 3R is providing some overdrive and echo/ambience. The 3R is Japan's answer to Italy's Binson Echorec: an all-valve echo unit with Magic Eye

ARP Omni-2 analog synthesizer

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"Arp Omni-2, serviced and sounding fabulous, and looking very pretty too! Fully polyphonic strings and synth section (think The Cars' Moving in Stereo), with monophonic bass section. This is a rare, very collectible synthesizer from 1978."

The Ambient Synth Forest (ARP 2600, Minimoog, Roland JD-Xi, Continuum, Microbrute, Strymon)

Published on Jun 18, 2017 Ralph Baumgartl

"This is a longer track from our recent Live Ambient Synth Concert. We are combining the sounds of a forest with relaxing and downtempo Synthesizer sounds and acoustic Chimes and Singing Bowls. Please join us on our 40 minutes journey across the Ambient Synth Forest. Have a nice trip!

The Synth and Gear List:
Bernd-Michael Land Synth and Percussion Rig

Arp Quadra SN 0083

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"Here is a very rare synth, that you dont see very often. The ARP Quadra. This one is in beautiful condition, physically. I would rate it a 8.5 out of 10. It is one of the nicest looking Quadras I have seen. The graphics are terrific, the leather sides are nice, with a blemish on the left hand side.(see pics). It will need serviced, as it is not working, ATM."

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