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12-2-1A 0003 USE EITHER SIDE

If anyone knows what this did, feel free to leave a comment. It may or may not have been this.

via wikipedia: "When ALF began selling music cards for the Apple II, floppy disk drives were not yet common on the Apple, so the software was supplied on cassette tape.[25] ALF worked closely with a local cassette tape duplication company, helping them

4 iPad's & laptop live jam @ Apple Store Berlin September 2015

Published on Sep 10, 2015 Oliver Greschke

Short clip but very cool to see. Exposure for our world at an Apple store. BTW, anyone looking forward to the iPad Pro? I started with the original iPad excited to use it as a controller and for virtual synths. It works well as a controller and I still use it to this day. It was a little underpowered for synths, especially newer ones. I picked up

Roland CMU-800 CompuMusic with Apple II Interface Card

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Note this does require an Apple II and software to run. You don't see pics of the card often.

See this post and this post for a couple of video overviews of the CMU-800. A search will bring up previous posts.

"Up for sale is a very rare Roland CMU-800 CompuMusic vintage analog synthesizer/sequencer module. Additionally it has 8 cv/gate outs for controlling other gear that

Camel Audio Acquired by Apple?

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"Apple appears to have acquired popular music plug-in and effect maker Camel Audio, based on information found on corporate registry site Companies House [PDF]. Camel Audio's address has been updated to 100 New Bridge Street, which is Apple's London address, and the company's sole director is now listed as Apple lawyer Heather Joy Morrison, suggesting the company is in the

1985 Jellinghaus German Ad


Translation via Chris:

"Quality in sight...

The Score Writer module contains the new 16 channel sequencer and music printing software. Loads in seconds, 990 DM complete.
The new Recording Studio II sequencer is also available separately on diskette: 290 DM.
16 tracks, variable pattern length, real-time, step-time,
note list and editing clear and straightforward to use.


Apple II Plus, Apple IIe and Apple IIGS Echo+ Speech Synthesizer with Software

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In the 1980s two other popular brands were the Echo II (slot-based) and Cricket (for the modem port on the IIc) synthesizers, made by Street Electronics. These latter also included the ability to produce a robotic voice, a female voice, sound effects, and stereo music. Some games released at the time had enhanced sound output when one of these two devices

Yamaha Music Interface for Apple IIe

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"Yamaha Musical Interface! A MIDI interface for the Apple IIe!!! For further documentation, please see this website. This is in fine collectors condition, and is as new and has never been used."

This one is via Loscha who says it's from Frostwave's Paul Perry's personal stash. That's a little bit of synth history for you.

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