Korg iElectribe, iMS-20 Updated With Wireless Sync, SoundCloud Support, AudioCopy

Click here to view the embedded video.Korg has updated iElectribe and iMS-20 to version 1.5, adding Wireless Sync, SoundCloud support and more.Here’s what’s new in Korg iMS-20 1.5:

  • WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology) allows wireless start between compatible apps on two iPads
  • AudioCopy has been added which enables the sharing of audio data between compatible apps
  • MIDI control capabilities have been enhanced (nano series 2 is now fully supported)
  • A few minor bugs have also been addressed, improving operational stability

Here’s what’s new in Korg iElectribe 1.5:

  • WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology) allows wireless start between compatible apps on two iPads
  • AudioCopy has been added which enables the sharing of audio data between compatible apps
  • MIDI control capabilities have been enhanced (nano series 2 is now fully supported)

Looks like somebody’s hearing our requests for serious MIDI support in IOS apps. These should be welcome updates for a lot of Korg iMS-20 and iElectribe users.Let us know what you think of these updates and the arrival of improved MIDI support in iOS apps!

Oh Yeah! MIDI Over Wi-Fi Gets Interesting On iPad, iPhone

Click here to view the embedded video.MIDI over WiFi is getting interesting, as this video of Bassline on an iPhone and MoDrum on an iPad, running in sync, demonstrates.With the latest update for MoDrum (v1.1) and BassLine (v3.2), Finger lets you tempo-sync apps on a multitasking device or sync several iOS devices with each other or your DAW. Finger says that they are the ”first to fully exhaust the opportunities provided by Apple’s CoreMIDI API for iOS.”Here’s a demo with multi-tasked syncing:Click here to view the embedded video.I’d be interested in what iOS musicians think of this and what other iOS developers have in the works for improved MIDI support.You can check out MoDrum and BassLine on the App Store.

Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) For Synthesizers

Click here to view the embedded video.Dude’s FSR (Force Sensing Resistor) is a $100 module that can be used to add a pressure-sensitive control wherever you need it.Here’s what Dude has to say about the FSR:this device is a passive unit standalone force sensing resistor box with 1/4? or 3.5mm jack connectors. it requires no power of any kind. it makes no sound or signal whatsoever unto itself. it has been tested to pass voltages between -5 to +10 volts, but will likely pass wider ranging signals with no problem.the pads (which are the actual resistors themselves), when untouched, inherently stop almost all signals (that we will deal with). there is a very small amount of signal bleed which can be heard/witnessed if the incoming signal is hot and the output monitored at a high volume level. this bleed is natural. these devices are not meant for deeply precise processing. they are meant for fun interactive play-time.Above, the FSR demonstrated with a variety of Moog MoogerFoogers. via 7thDanSound:Get yours here! FSR is ideal for working with the Moog MoogerFooger pedals as they have plenty of voltage control possibilities. But what makes it so easy is that the MoogerFoogers supply their own control voltage on the ring of the control inputs for use with passive devices such as the Moog foot pedal. As the FSRs are passive this is a great feature. They are unattenuated however and as the FSRs are slightly sensitive ideally you’d need some kind of attenuator, like in the CP251.

Polyphonic Slim Phatty Chain

Click here to view the embedded video.Saturday Synth Porn: The Moog engineers set up a 5 voice polyphonic Phatty in the Moog Sound Lab,  putting 10 oscillators, 5 LFOs and 5 Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filters all under the control of one Little Phatty keyboard.

Optigan 2-Disc Strings Library

Click here to view the embedded video.Optigan has introduced their first 2-disc Style Pak release, STRINGS.The two discs are individually titled CHAMBER STRINGS and SYMPHONIC STRINGS. This is a very utilitarian sound set for the Optigan, featuring the “Violin” and “String Ensemble” keyboard sounds previously only available on the Orchestron, each with matching string pads on the chord buttons.There are no drums or other rhythmic effects- just ‘lush, lo-fi stringy goodness’.LEFT HAND: String chords.RIGHT HAND: Strings.SPECIAL EFFECTS SWITCHES: 1. Fsus4, 2. Csus4, 3. Gsus4, 4. Adim, 5. Edim.See the Optigan site for details on the new Strings discs.Optigan Strings retails for $100.

Vintage Synth Jam

Click here to view the embedded video.Sunday Synth Jam: RetroSounds’s Baltic Sea – a vintage synth ambient track, featuring Roland JD-800 and Oberhiem OB-Xa.Technical details below. via retrosound72:vintage synth track by RetroSound“Baltic Sea” ambient tracklead sound and pads: Roland JD-800 (4 layer changing) bass drone: Oberheim OB-Xa (hold mode)all baltic sea pics made by me.more info: and and

KORG iMS-20 iPad Synthesizer In Action

Click here to view the embedded video.iPad Music Software: Here’s a new demo of the Korg iMS-20 iPad synthesizer in action.It highlights some of the new features of iMS-20 v1.1.  KORG iMS-20 v1.1 adds MIDI control capabilities by using the Apple Core MIDI features found in iOS 4.2, via the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. Now you can play the MS-20 Synth and tweak the onscreen “knobs” using external MIDI devices.Additionally, the six-part Drum Machine can receive different MIDI notes per part.

Micronaut – Metatrak

Click here to view the embedded video.Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live pa rehearsal jam Micronaut’s Metatrak.via Cranda11:From the micronaut live pa set; doing a run-through of the set and I recorded this song, just for fun.Gear: Snyderphonics Manta controller, Dave Smith Instruments TETR4, Eventide TimeFactor, Ableton Live, a whole slew of Audio Damage plug-ins.The song is from the micronaut EP “Resistor,” which is available at Bandcamp.

Free Virtual Theremin For Windows

Click here to view the embedded video.Blech Turm Studios has released BTS Theremin – a free virtual theremin VST for Windows.BTS Theremin Features:

  • 1 OSC (Sin/Squ/Mix)
  • 2 LFOs (Pitch,Amp)
  • 2 ADSR (1x Pitch LFO, 1x Amp),
  • Waveshaper/Saturation, 10 Presets

Download at the Blech Turm site.via vstplanet

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