analog synthesizer

analog synthesizer

Andreas Schneider Shows Why People From The UK Don’t Need To Go To Berlin Anymore

Andreas Schneider created this video tour of the new UK Testsalon to show why synth freaks from the UK don’t need to go to Berlin anymore: The Testsalon inside Rough Trade East in London is the showroom installed by Schneidersladen, Berlin with the latest news in electronic hardware devices. The Video gives you an overview [...]

How To Add MIDI IN And MIDI Out To A Korg Monotribe

Gameboy Genius has published an extensive set of photos and a blog post on how to add MIDI In and MIDI Out to a Korg Monotribe. It includes a chart of the MIDI messages it can send and receive, along with thoughts on the pros and cons of the Monotribe MIDI mod.

Moog Lap Steel + Modular Synthesis

Reader and Experimental Synth guru Chris Stack sent word of this unique synth jam, which combines modular synthesis & Moog Lap Steel Guitar: Moog Lap Steel pioneer Billy Cardine carves out a unique sonic landscape with the Lap Steel, analog and digital effects (Moogerfoogers, Eventide reverb) and cutting-edge modular synthesis gear (the MakeNoise René cartesian [...]

Korg Monotribe Review

MONOTRIBE! Review Part A - Dub At First Sight! Electro, Dubstep, Reggae, etc. was uploaded by: VJFranzKDuration: 296Rating:

The ADDAC102 Voltage Controller FM RADIO For Modular Synthesizers

This is a presentation of the new ADDAC102 Voltage-Controlled FM RADIO – a voltage-controller FM radio for your modular synthesizer. FM synthesis may never be the same.  VC Functions: Tune & Volume Trigger / Gated Functions: Seek – Jumps to next station Search – increase/decreases radio frequency Mute Details and pricing to come. via ADDAC [...]

I Love Analog Synthesizer!

Sound designer yamadub plays the Drift Box Reon synthesizer with analog electronic instruments. “I love analog synthesizer ,” notes yamadub. We’d have to agree…….

The Moon Modular M551 MIDI To CV Interface

The Moon Modular M551 MIDI to CV Interface was uploaded by: moonmodularDuration: 269Rating:

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