ambient music

ambient music

Free Music Friday – DiNDDL10 Submission 01 Compilation Album Is Chock Full ‘o’ Synths

Free Music Friday: Synthesist Bakis Sirros sent word of DiNDDL10 Submission 01 – a 9-track synth-heavy net release: i participate with my collab (with Steve Law) project, ‘Memory Geist’ in this compilation. It’s track 9, and its full of Serge modular. Submission 01 features one track (or in some cases an edit) from each of the [...]

Brian Eno Coming To Moogfest 2011, Organizers ‘Supremely Stoked’

  Moogfest organizers have announced that they are ‘supremely stoked’ to announce that Brian Eno will be bringing his exhibition 77 Million Paintings to Asheville during the Moogfest 2011 weekend. Conceived by Eno as “visual music,” 77 Million Paintings is a constantly evolving sound and image-scape born from his exploration of light as an artistic [...]

Backyard Modular Synth Jam

Modular out zone ( 2 x Doepfer Dark Energy + Moog CP-251 + Boss DD-7) was uploaded by: GruithuisenCityManDuration: 635Rating:

Free Ambience Generator For Windows, REFLEX Free

STW Audio has introduced REFLEX free, a free VST ambience generator for Windows. Here’s what they have to say about REFLEX free: REFLEX free is capable of generating huge spaces, short rooms,  or chorus like modulations through a cascade of regenerating delays. It’s sound is a mixture of straight stereo delays followed by a dense cloud [...]

Dean De Benedictis And Nyle Steiner Live In An Alpine Canyon

Sunday Synth Jam: This is a track from Dean De Benedictis’s project, Travels Rendered, that was aired on British radio program Sunday Synth. The track/song is an improvised ambient piece that was performed and recorded live, in an alpine canyon near Provo, Utah, by Dean De Benedictis and Nyle Steiner (inventor of the EWI). To [...]

Ambient Guitar Sample Library

Tonehammer has introduced Ambient Guitar – a massive collection of sounds, all derived from a number of different guitars. All source material is comprised of live guitar with various effects applied real-time and minimal post-production processing. Here’s what they have to say about it: Contrary to most guitar libraries, the focus of this library is [...]

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