Alternate Controllers

Alternate Controllers

SYNTABLISM - the greatest instrument ever built

Published on Jan 22, 2018 sircut1200

"I´ve build a custom eurorack case and a fader module especially for #syntablism. For me, it´s the greatest instrument ever built. All the sounds you´ll here (except the Drums) are coming straight from the modular synthesizer and are played in one session.

Syntablism is the art of using a turntable as a musical instrument to create and/or manipulate sound

When birds fly past a plant connected to MIDI Sprout for iPhone

Published on Jan 22, 2018 MIDI Sprout

"We're currently on the island of Flores in Indonesia exploring new lands and connecting to forms of nature we never knew existed.

Here we have MIDI Sprout for iPhone connected to the bougainvillea left of center in our frame. Take special note what happens in the music as two birds quickly fly past.

There are so many exchanges happening outside of the

Ambient Synthesizer Improvisation on LinnStrument

Published on Jan 19, 2018 Pulse Emitter

"For this jam the LinnStrument is controlling the u-he Diva synth, through Valhalla UberMod and VintageVerb. A dual footswitch shifts the octave.

Check out my music here:"

Bonjour Le Strum: Unboxing my DIY Midi strum controller

Published on Jan 20, 2018 Olivier Ozoux

"Le Strum was one of my first DIY project, and I remember how happy I was that the little LED turned on and it sent Midi signals after I finished soldering all these little part together.

Then I completely forgot about until recently. Here's a quick little demo of this strange but fun little Midi controller"

You can find info on Le Strum by Jason

Introducing PIPE by SOMA Laboratory

Published on Jan 14, 2018 Vlad Kreimer

From the makers of the Lyra-8. Some additional details further below. Estimated price is 400 - 450 euros.

"PIPE is a voice / breath / mouth-controlled dynamic FX processor and synthesizer. It turns your voice into a powerful FX / beat / lead / soundscapes synthesizer and it offers unprecedented levels of vocal processing, really transforming the

Playing Moog Minitaur via ConVertor

Published on Jan 14, 2018 Sonicsmith

"Our synthesizers have always listened to you. Now we finally solved the riddle of getting a Moog Minitaur to listen to our ConVertor and we love the sound!"

Madrona Labs Soundplane

via this auction

"2nd Batch Soundplane from Madrona Labs, Serialno. in the 30s."

Plant Music #10 - MIDI Sprout + Epiphyllum

Published on Jan 3, 2018 Smokey Quartz

"In this plant music video I use the MIDI Sprout to play an Epiphyllum using a few of Ableton's MIDI instruments."

Nord Pedal Keys 27 - PK27

via this auction

I haven't seen one of these in a while. I believe they were introduced in the Frankfurt Musikmesse in 2009 as you can see in this video.

"The Pedal Keys 27 is a MIDI pedal board with 27 keys, equipped with an integrated swell pedal. The entire unit is housed in a sturdy aluminum chassis that makes it both lightweight and rugged. It communicates via MIDI and can be used with

Seaboard Rise - Dramatic randomness of proportionally dramatic proportions.

Published on Dec 24, 2017 Analog Monoxide

"I love playing dramatic things on the Seaboard, and imagining that I'm scoring a movie scene or a BBC crime series ^_^"

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