Alternate Controllers

Alternate Controllers

The K-Bow Data Screen

YouTube via bthrew
"Keith McMillen demonstrates the K-Bow data screen, which shows the information the K-Bow transmits to your computer."

* XYZ 3D Accelerometer – measures the playing force and angle of the bow
* Hair Tension Sensor – detects how hard the bow presses against the strings
* Grip Pressure Sensor – gives a measure of how hard you are gripping the bow
* Bow to Fingerboard – a measure of the distance you are playing from the fingerboard via the antennas embedded in the bow
* Bow Length – by interacting with the included fingerboard emitter, an Infrared light sensor shows the distance from the bow frog to the strings of the instrument

Midnight Lamp Angel

YouTube via notepool2
"Yes, that's what I do, burn the midnight lamp, most nights! Chameleon 002 was with me just long enough to learn these bits, and some others which I'll be posting soon."
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A Janko Musical Keyboard Project

Click here for another Janko DIY project. The following is a short blurb from the site: "Have you ever thought about why the keys are arranged the way they are on a piano? The piano keyboard is extremely well established and few people question if its a good or bad keyboard layout. It has taken quite some time for me to realize that the piano keyboard really couldn't be an ingenious device. From a historical viewpoint the key arrangement on the piano is actually a remodification of some really old designs that were used in the renaissance period. The Janko keyboard is named after its inventor Paul von Janko which was a hungarian matematician. Indeed I could spend all day and night just talking about the theory and background of the piano keyboard versus the so called Janko keyboard and I believe this wikipedia article explains it pretty good."

The site mentions the only manufacturer of Janko keyboards is a Japanese company called Chromatone. Although similar to the C-Thru Axis controllers it is different. I did a little digging and according to this site: "C Thru Music's harmonic table and the Shape of Music's Melodic Table are both based on Tonnetz by Euler and Riemann( ," Be sure to see this thread for more info on alternate keyboard controllers. Also see the labels below for prior posts here on MATRIXSYNTH.

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