Alternate Controllers

Alternate Controllers

Silent Nite - SunVox Karplus-Strong MPE patch played with Linnstrument

Published on Dec 17, 2017 cube48

"Playing Silent Nite with my custom made 8 voice Karplus-Strong synthesis patch (called KaStro) in MPE project of virtual modular studio SunVox, utilizing Linnstrument's swingy arpeggiator.

Single voice of KaStro can be downloaded from SunVox forum:

For MPE project (channels 1-8) ask on SunVox forum.

Merry Christmas to

Vibe Bar Demo

Published on Dec 15, 2017 Claude Woodward

"A quick demo of my productional model Vibe Bar - whammy bar for keyboards.I've been using these on my keyboards for many years and find it's a very natural way to do pitch bend and vibrato.
Now I'm making them so others can find joy in wildly wailing on their axe! will reveal all........"

See the Claude label directly below

Joué, Give a soul to your digital instruments

Published on Dec 15, 2017 play joue

"Joué is an expressive and modular MIDI controller that feels like a real instrument. It’s an innovative and evolving instrument simplifying digital music playing and offering beginners and professional artists a unique level of expressivity and spontaneity.

Joué is made of wood and metal and is equipped with a polyphonic pressure sensor on which magic

Playing with Touché - Johan Dalgaard

Published on Dec 6, 2017 Expressive E

"Born in Denmark but living in Paris, Johan Dalgaard is a professional keyboardist that has worked with numerous great french artists, such as Johnny Hallyday, Yael Naim, Cassius, Damien Saez, Oxmo Puccino, M, Calogero and Camille.

In this video he plays a composition he's made entirely with a Moog Sub 37 and a Touché, showing how versatile and groovy

Expert Sleepers FH-1 - Roli Blocks MPE demo

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Expert Sleepers

"The FH-1 is compatible with MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) as produced by the Roli Blocks controllers, amongst others.
Here a Bluetooth LE MIDI dongle (the Widi Bud) is used to connect the Block to the modular synthesiser wirelessly."

WMD TEST LAB - Pedro Eustache

Published on Dec 1, 2017 WMDevices

"One of the best parts about being in this industry and going to trade shows is meeting the amazing people that use our products to make music. Everyone takes a different approach to using what we create and when we get to experience them making music in the flesh it's always incredibly exciting and inspiring.

Pedro is no exception to that truth. In fact, he

SloBo - Bowed Strings synth made in SunVox

Published on Nov 30, 2017 cube48

"Sorry for out of focus video!

Little sound demo of SloBo - a synth made purely with SunVox modules, no samples involved. It's my personal study case of synthesizing a raw approximation of bowed instruments and learning about the articulation techniques of cellos, violins & Co. It's called SloBo because as of now it allows only relatively slow bowing

ALTURA Theremin MIDI Controller Quick Start Guide

Published on Nov 29, 2017 Zeppelin Design Labs

"INTRODUCING the ZDL ALTURA Theremin MIDI Controller! This video is a companion to our "Quick Start Guide" which you can download here:"

Pics and details first posted here.

MIDI Sprout for iOS Released

Note this app requires MIDI Sprout hardware.

via iTunes: MIDI Sprout - Data Garden

"Use this app with your MIDI Sprout to listen to your plants!

Plug your MIDI Sprout into the Lightning port using an iConnectMIDI1 cable. Turn on your MIDI Sprout and listen to your plants play harmonious sounds designed by our team of artists. Experience the way patterns and melodies change in relationship to

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