Yamaha DX100

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Note the keys are raised/angled from the body. I think this is the first time I've noticed this.

"The Yamaha DX 100 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer incorporates digital FM tone generation technology. There are 49 mini keys. The DX 100 has a programmable 24-voice INTERNAL memory(RAM) from which any voice can be selected at the touch of a button, two 96-voice PRESET (ROM) memories for a total of 192 fine preset voices, a 96-voice BANK memory that permits storage of PRESET voices in any configuration for one-touch selection, and a cassette interface that permits unlimited storage of FM voices. The DX 100 is fully programmable, allowing you to create your own FM voices or sound effects. Broad MIDI compatibility is also provided so the DX 100 can control or be controlled via other MIDI-compatible music equipment, even a wind generator! It comes with a Yamaha power converter and will also run on batteries."

Alesis Andromeda A6: 16-Voice Analog Synth Overview, Part 1

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"Like any good amateur astronomy enthusiast preparing to deliver his / her first talk, Bill Holland got all snazzed up to demo the Alesis Andromeda A6
. This massive analog synth has nearly as many controls as the Andromeda galaxy has habitable planets, i.e., it'll be decades or even centuries before we know for sure.

This first video on the Andromeda covers some of the basic controls you'll find on similar high-end, digitally controlled analog synths. You'll have to wait for subsequent videos to check out the sweet ribbon controller in action.

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