Adamski Ajull

Adamski Ajull

DIY analogue synth project (The SEM VCF 4 Pole prototype Test Demo 02 with JD 990)

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Adamski A.

"Here is a second video exploring polyphonic tones of the JD 990 run through the 4 pole SEM type filter, a few more demos to come on this subject, please feedback and comment regardless if you like or dislike ."

DIY analog synth project (Steiner Parker "Type" VCF The Final Tweak)

Published on Nov 7, 2017 Adamski Ajull

"Hey guys back again with yet another modified Stiener Parker type 12db per oct VCF, this based on a mashup of Ken stone and Yves Ussons schematics.
I have increased the diode ladder from 10-12, and also the size of the capacitors in the ladder and also my own tailored trimming for keyboard tracking.
There is also a trimmerble diode pair in the resonance

DIY analog synth project Part 10 K (Sound Examples Drums )

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Adamski Ajull

"Hello guys another short sounds demo, exploring the percussive power ;-) HEADPHONES OR SPEAKERS RECOMMENDED !!!"

DIY analog synth project (The front Panel Design Pt 2)

Published on Oct 19, 2017 Adamski Ajull

Part 1 here. See the Adamski Ajull label below for more.

DIY analog synth project part 10J (Sound Examples Pads N Strings etc)

Published on Oct 13, 2017 Adamski Ajull

"Hey guys here is a short sound demo , displaying some more sound capabilities. Many thanks to Star for helping with the recordings ;-)"

DIY analogue synth project part 10i (Sound Examples Arp sequences)

Published on Sep 3, 2017 Adamski Ajull

"Hey guys I kind of skip a chapter here, my next sound examples video from part 10i was supposed to be strings and pads etc. Slight change of plan as im still in the process with that video. I have been tinkering again to get a good scaling on all three oscillators especially in the higher frequency range. Enjoy like, comment and subscribe ;-)


Adamski Ajull DIY analogue synth project (The front panel Design Pt1)

Published on Aug 17, 2017 Adamski Ajull

"Hey guys , I just wanted to share with you my ideas and progress on building the front control panel for my prototype synth. As I have said at this stage its important I make sure that everything sits fairly right layout wise , before getting the final metal panel made. I have no idea in how to use front panel layout software, so if anyone reading this

DIY analogue synth project Part 10g (Sound Examples Basses)

Adamski Ajull
Published on Aug 2, 2017

"Hey guys just another demo here exploring some bass sounds !!!. I can program sounds all day long but cant play to save my life. Anyway enjoy ;-)"

DIY analogue synth project Tutorial Part 12 (12db SEM type state variable filter)

"Hey guys here is another talk/tutorial from me covering my second VCFs' circuit topology. Please note you will need a

DIY analogue synth project Part 10f (Sound examples)

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Adamski Ajull

"Here is just another sound examples demo covering some of my sound creations, on my analogue synth prototype. A Lexicon mpx550 fx processor is used in parts."

See this post for additional details.

Zombie Chorus DIY Analogue Synth Project

Published on May 4, 2017 Adamski Ajull

"Here is a demo of some sound patches I have set up and run through the Zombie chorus circuit. Nothing spectacular but just to give you a small flavour of its sound. At times it distorts o me using the with heavy resonace from the filters , I think this is due to the nature of the MN3207s max headroom performance, so mabe in future ill buy and swap over to

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