New Robaux SWT16 Eurorack Grid Sequencer, SRL 12 MIDI to Trigger Interface, & Bombmult

Robaux SWT16 Demo Published on Dec 23, 2017 robaux

New module and new maker on the site. Note the two sequencers to the right of the SWT16 are Division 6 Dual Mini Sequencers.

"The Robaux SWT16 is a 16-track eurorack trigger sequencer with up to 16 steps per track.

Programmable like a classic TR machine, the SWT16 can be used not only for triggering drum sounds, but also for Envelopes,

Toa Mata Band - Episode#6 [Orkestrionicle]

Published on Nov 11, 2017 Opificio Sonico

The latest video featuring the Tao Mata Band. Click here to bring up all posts in the series.

"The musical instruments and robot devices used in this episode are:
Rakit Drum synth (Tone Drumsynth), Boss HC-2 (Clap), Arturia BeatStep pro, Coron Rockaku-kun Drum synth (BD+Noise), DIY Glockenspiel, Sabian cymbals, Electro Harmonix Mini-Synthesizer (Bass

DIY Project #8: Minty Synth 2.0

Published on Nov 4, 2017 poorness studios

"The Minty Synth is a tiny Arduino-bases synthesizer built inside of a mint tin. It's very powerful for how simple it is to build. You can buy one here:"

"The MintySynth kit - 2.0 is a great way to make your next musical creation while experimenting with electronics and programming. Open source and hackable, the

Capacitive Touch Janko Keyboard for Moog Werkstatt

Published on Feb 13, 2017 Ben Bradley

"This is a Janko-layout touch keyboard I made at the 2017 Moog Hackathon at Georgia Tech, February 10-12. I'm playing a few classic bass and melody lines from popular and classic tunes. I only have one octave (13 notes) connected so far.

The capacitive touch sensors use MPR121 capacitive-touch chips, on breakout boards from Adafruit (Moog Hackathon

Conway's Game of Life synth module

Published on Dec 5, 2016 thenervoussquirrel

"Quick test of a trigger module for modular synth. 64 outputs controlled by a MIDI input, or 'game of life' mode using John Conway's cellular automaton rules.

The video shows a few percussion modules connected, but it can of course be used to trigger envelope generators, sequencer steps etc.

Synth page:

Uses one of

Wake The Dead Soundpack (Week 29) with "Mini Untz" DIY Wood MIDI Controller

Published on May 14, 2015 KM Productions

3D printed wood DIY MIDI controller "Mini Untz" is based on the Arduino Leonardo and Adafruit Trellis.

"Let's take a few bold samples from a TV show, mix them with synth that sounds like it was pulled from an 8-bit Nintendo Video game and add some filthy bass with mechanical drums to round it out and that gives you this soundpack! It sets a dark tone,

The Crowminius Synthesizer - "Crow’s Mini for the Rest of Us"

via Adafruit

"Hey folks, Crow here. As I may have mentioned in the past my first hobby is electronic music synthesizer design. While a fair amount of my spare time these past two years involves the crOwBX project [featured here], I did manage to work out the design for a new instrument. The two main driving forces behind this project were wanting to make a replacement machine in the style of

DSP Synthesizers' DSP-G1 Voice Chip Comes to Adafruit

New Products 2/18/2015 Published on Feb 19, 2015 Adafruit Industries

"DSP-G1 Voice Chip (0:21)

Adafruit Audio FX Mini Sound Board - WAV/OGG Trigger 16MB Flash (2:45)

Adafruit Audio FX Mini Sound Board - WAV/OGG Trigger - 2MB Flash (2:45)

Adafruit Raspberry Pi A+ Case - Smoke

nw2s::b GridTriggerSequencer Demo 1

Published on Oct 12, 2014 Scott Wilson

"For full details, please see

This is a demo of the nw2s::b support for hosting USB grids such as the Adafruit trellis-based Hella Oontztrument or any number of monomes.

This demo is of the GridTriggerSequencer which uses the grid as a simple trigger sequence programmer. Sequences may be pre-programmed and stored on the SD card or build

Mini OONTZ - 3D Printed MIDI Controller From x0xb0x Creator Adafruit

Published on Jul 31, 2014 Adafruit Industries

"In this project we're building a diy midi controller that works with ios devices and analog synths.

Say hello to OONTZ, the open source button grid controller based on the adafruit trellis.

The mini OONTZ is a 3d printed case housing one trellis and 4 potentiometers ideal for a 16 button drum pad.

OONTZ works with any MIDI software and

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