Access Virus TI Polar DarkStar Part. 3

Published on Aug 16, 2017 DKS SYNTH LAB

All parts here.

Storm 3003 & ReD - Frost [Elektron, Korg, Arturia, Novation, Akai & Access Live Set]

Published on Aug 15, 2017

Live performance by Simone Ciacci a.k.a. 'Storm 3003' and Gabriele Marini a.k.a. 'ReD'
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Equipment in this song:

Simone Ciacci a.k.a. "Storm 3003":
- Elektron Analog Rytm
- Elektron Analog Four
- Access Virus TI
- Novation MiniNova
- Korg KaossPad 3
- Korg Minilogue
- Arturia Beatstep Pro
- Roland JV2080 (+ Beatstep)

The Third Choice: Minilogue, microKorg XL, Roland JD-Xi, Demora, Clouds...

Alba Ecstasy
Published on Aug 14, 2017

"Coming back after a short absence with a new Berlin School track, using: Korg Minilogue, Radias, microKorg XL, Roland JD-Xi, System-1 (Promars), Virus Ti2, Mutable Instruments Clouds (reverb), Roland Demora (delay)."

Virus TI: Dream State Vol.1

Published on Aug 13, 2017

"After a long time in the making, I'm happy to present Dream State Vol.1 for the Virus TI.

Suitable for Virus TI, TI2 and Snow models, this bank delivers a variety of carefully made sounds that deliver punch, clarity and fullness of sound. Sounds included range from cinematic pads to classic supersaw spreads,

wellenvorm - concert with Haken Continuum - St.Laurentius Kirche Leipzig - 2017

Published on Apr 11, 2017

"wellenvorm Konzert - 'Electronic Landscapes ' in der St.Laurentius Kirche Leipzig am 18.März 2017
live with 2 Haken Continuums"

Synth Jam 53: Virus Indigo, Novation Circuit, Moog Sub 37, Mopho, TJ-130 & JP8080

Marcus Padrini
Published on Aug 8, 2017

"A synth jam combining a Bass Pedal MIDI controller (TJ-130) and the ChordPolyPad app for iPad for controlling two synths at the same time(Moog Sub 37 and JP8080).

Bass: Moog Sub 37 controlled by TJ-130 MIDI Bass Pedal.
Synth Pad: Roland JP8080 controlled by TJ-130 & ChordPolyPad.
Lead: Access Virus Indigo.
Drums & arps: Novation Circuit.
Lead 2: DSI

Minimal travelling set up synth Jam - Keep the faith

Published on Aug 6, 2017

"Live song created with the Virus C, Electribe 2, Engine, Kp3, that's it really, recorded on the Zoom Q8 and a tiny bit of post production in Sony Vegas."

Rephazer - Equipment (Live Trance Jam with Digitakt & Virus TI2)

Published on Aug 4, 2017

"Testing out my latest studio additions with a quick trance jam..
The Elektron Digitakt is doing the beat and midi sequencing the Access Virus TI2 desktop synthesizer and what better way to check out the Virus in a genre it is well known for, right?

Had lots of freezes with the Digitakt while making this (firmware 1.04) so I hope Elektron will quickly fix

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