Toa Mata Band - Episode#5 [The man & the machines]

Published on Jan 21, 2017 Opificio Sonico

Some gear/synth spotting: Soundmachines NS1nanosynth, EHX MINI-SYNTHESIZER, Moog Animoog (not sure what the second app is), Boss Hand Clapper, and Novation Launchpad.

"I was 11 when during a Sunday afternoon of 1978 Kraftwerk appeared for the first time in an Italian TV show. For me it was a dazzling discovery, one that has changed my life , so I went

JF Sebastian (Synthwave)

Novation Supernova : pad and arpegio
Lead melody 1/2 : virus indigo
String : Virus indigo
Bass : Diva / synthwave 80's bank
Voice samples : blade runner
Drums : Arturia Spark

sequenceur : Ableton live

Vst effects : Eventide blackhole reverb - Replika xt delay - D16group Decimator 2 - NI Drive

Cassette Tape Prophets Ableton Live Pack

Published on Jan 17, 2017 AfroDJMac USA

"A warm and heavily analog collection of synthesizer sounds. The Prophet 6 analog synth was run through the Analog Heat and multi-sampled to Cassette Tape. The samples have been crafted into 20 Ableton Live Instrument Racks, complete with Macro Controls for total customization.

Get the Ableton Live Instruments:"

Monks meet Aliens - Live Jam

Published on Jan 16, 2017 Electronic Beats

"Some Improvisation with V-Synth and Kontakt Sampler.

Equipment used :

Roland V-Synth XT
Roland System-8
NI-Kontakt Libraries
Clavia Piano 2 with Selfmade Samples
Ableton Live 9 Impulse for Drums and Sequencing
Additional Sequencer: Manikin Schrittmacher"

Reborn Jam - Drumbrute Minilogue Monologue Electribe Streichfett

Published on Jan 10, 2017 Papanunga

"Reborn Jam - Short improvisation with analog synth and drum machine -

Gear :
Ableton Push 2
Arturia Drumbrute
Korg Minilogue
Korg Monologue
Korg Electribe 2 sampler
Waldorf Streichfett

No dynamic & Eq treatment

24bit / 44Khz
Zoom Q4n

Thanks For Watching

Days of Delay at Golden Pudel Club

Published on Nov 9, 2015 Cyrus Ashrafi

Interesting seeing the Moog Theremin used to trigger notes.

"Days of Delay live at the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg, July 2015.
The stage was very narrow and therefore the equipment radically reduced: Moog Theremin (also as a controller to trigger other synths), QuNexus Keyboard, Korg MS20 mini, Ableton Live, Arturia Beatstep, Korg PadKontrol, iPad Air

Free Max4Live Mono Synth from

Published on Jan 4, 2017 sonicstate

"We're giving away a FREE Max For Live Mono Synth - Mono Junction is a collaboration between Meta Function and Sonicstate. Multi-wave oscillator with PWM (of course!), multi-mode filter, 3x LFO and 3x ENV.
Get yours:
Requires: Ableton Live 9.6.2 and Max For Live 2.7.3"

Ableton Push 2 live beat

Published on Jan 6, 2017 Ally Mobbs

"First beat video of the new year.
Planning to do one a week from now on. All the sounds except drums were from the yamaha psr36 running through some vintage effects pedals I was recently given. Analog delay into stereo chorus to space echo sampled to sp404sx then chopped on push 2. The psr36 is an old fm synth which I circuit bent for drum sounds. I often

Juan Ortiz - Tokyo (Live in Studio)

Published on Jan 6, 2017 SugoiGaijin

"I'm very excited to share with all of you this new song which will be a part of my EP "Winter Tales", coming in February '17.
More music coming soon, so please stay tuned!

Emocionado de compartir con tod@s vosotr@s esta nueva canción que formará parte de mi EP "Winter Tales", a la venta en Febrero '17.
Pronto más noticias, atentos!!


Ants! + Reaktor Blocks + Ableton Link + Auxy + DM1

Published on Jan 2, 2017 Plankton Elec

"Ants!, the semimodular synth from Plankton Electronics."

Treat Yourself :)