Audio Damage Phosphor 2 with StudioMux and Ableton Live

Published on Aug 2, 2017

"Audio Damage's Phosphor 2 is a cool additive synthesizer for the iPad. In this video I use StudioMux to run a few Audio Damage iPad apps into Ableton Live and create a short jam."

iTunes: Phosphor 2 - Audio Damage, Inc.

How to Make Stranger Things Music (Title Theme - Recomposed)

Published on Jul 27, 2017 Gardner W. Beson

Made with the DSI Prophet '08, Access Virus TI, & Ableton Live.

Telephone (Music Performance Video)

Published on Jul 25, 2017 Red Means Recording

"Get this on Bandcamp:

Live recording of 2x Access Virus Indigo 2 and Novation Bass Station II lines tracked over 6 instances of Operator in Ableton. Drums, vocals, and effects added afterward.

This was supposed to just be an ambient track, but it got away from me and kept getting bigger and more complex.

Arc Spectral Filter

Published on Jul 24, 2017 stretta

"This a demo of an FFT filter device I made for Ableton Live and the monome arc. Really satisfying how musical it is. The amplitudes of the FFT are determined by a 2D table which can be rotated. The lookup and rotation can be fed by two LFOs. You can import your own tables for an infinite variety of filter responses. The source audio is Stretta Cloud - just a

Loop | Suzanne Ciani live

Published on Jul 20, 2017 Ableton

"A veteran master of the synthesizer puts her Buchla system through its paces in front of a live Loop summit audience.

Register for Loop 2017 tickets here:

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On the event:

"Who is Loop for?

Loop is for music makers: artists, technologists, educators, and

Brighton Modular Meet 2017 Live Performances

Published on Jul 17, 2017 Brighton Modular Meet

2017 Brighton Modular Meet at the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, University of Sussex, Brighton. Sponsored by Thonk, Makenoise, Rubadub, Ableton, AJH Synths, ALM Busy Circuits, Arturia, Erica Synths and Expert Sleepers.

Makaton live at Brighton Modular Meet 2017 [previously posted here]
Russell Haswell live at Brighton

G-Stomper Studio 5.5, Ableton Link Session, 5 Devices in perfect Sync over WLAN

Published on Jul 4, 2017 G-Stomper Studio by

"G-Stomper Studio 5.5, Ableton Link Session, 5 Devices in perfect Sync over WLAN

G-Stomper Studio is a Music Production Tool, highly optimized for doing Electronic Live Performances in Studio Quality. It's a feature packed, Step Sequencer based Drum Machine/Groovebox, a Sampler, a Virtual Analog Performance Synthesizer (VA-Beast), a

Another Techno Jam

Published on Jun 25, 2017 TheKraist

"After a little time, finally another studio jam. This time not 4/4 but still very techno, I think. Things I used:

- Analog Rytm for drums and percussion
- Analog Rytm fur subbassline (was overdubbed later)
- Ableton Operator through distortion pedals and Eventide Space for the bassline
- modular synth for the melodic part (including Braids in toy mode and

Rheyne - Sequenced Jam #40 (Moog Mother-32, DFAM, Make Noise Eurorack, Ableton)

Published on Jun 25, 2017 Rheyne

"Recorded with Moog and Make Noise sound sources, with a single MIDI loop in Ableton triggering a Make Noise 0-Coast for the "pad" sound in the background, processed by Ableton's reverb. All other sounds are triggered by the Moog Mother-32 sequencers. FM on both VCO A and B on the Make Noise DPO is being processed in stereo, via the stereo return on the Make

Flailing Wildly On a Table Full of Synthesizer (Part 2)

Published on Jun 22, 2017 Red Means Recording

"Someone wise once told me all you would need to play a live set was a DrumBrute and a distortion unit. I thought I would put that to the test.
Live jam on 2 Meeblips and an Arturia DrumBute.
Novation Launchpad used for triggers clips and effects.
OP-1 used as MIDI controller for the Meeblips.
Ableton for recording and FX."

Part 1 here.

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