Altera DE2 Synthesizer

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"A keyboard synthesizer for the Altera DE2 board, written in VHDL. Demonstrated in ECE 385 at University of Illinois."

Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P Demo

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"Running through the presets of this FX processor with a Roland TR-626 as sound source. The cable going from the mixer to the camera's mic in jack is a little loose and some parts are a little distorted."

Roland GR-100

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"The Roland GR100 was developed as a system to electronically process sounds with the string vibrations themselves being the sound source. This was Rolands first guitar synth made in the 1970's and is now a collectors item.

HEXA distortion circuit makes it possible to get clean distortion which could not be experienced by electric guitar. The GR-100 is equipped with the HEXA Dis tortion circuit which can distort the string vibrations that are divided into six sound sources by the Divided Pickup. The sound distorted by the HEXA Distortion is clean, deep, and powerful, with a rich sustained sound and beautiful harmony could not be obtained by a regular distortion or over-drive device.

HEXA Filter, cutoff frequency, and resonance for powerful filtering effects Each sound source from the string passes through the HEXA Filter circuit of the GR-100 as well as the HEXA Distortion. HEXA Filter is preadjusted in accordance with the guitar tuning (E, B, D, A, G), low for the lower notes and high for the higher notes. Therefore, unlike using the graphic equalizer or the parametric equalizer, it is possible to balance the string sounds and create a versatile selection of sounds, from soft to hard, using the Cutoff Frequency and Resonance.

GR-100 is equipped with three effect controls, and one of them is the Filter Modulation. It enables you to add a "wow" effect onto the electronic sounds regardless of Cutoff Frequency or Resonance, and controls the picking power (stress) with the SENS control and the depth of the "wow" effect with the PEAK control.

The second effect control on the GR-100 is Vibrato. By turning the Touch Vibrato switch ON and OFF, a powerful vibrato effect quite different from a manual vibrato can be obtained. The third effect control is Stereo Chorus which deepens and broadens the sound.

As the electric guitar amplifiers are made for electric guitars, they are designed to raise and emphasize the higher range, resulting in a thin sound when recorded directly out from line. GR-100 has a wide range and shows outstanding performance without losing the true nature of the guitar sound, making it suitable even for studio work."

Toccata in D minor (Bach)-Ketil Strand-Roland GR-100/G-505 electric guitar

"This is a follow-up to my previous Toccata version played on my Axon AX100 guitar synth.
Some of the commenters on the Toccata video asked me to do a guitar version without the synth organ sound, so here it is. Instead I'm using a pretty rare device this time; the Roland GR-100 Electronic Guitar, which is a "hexaphonic fuzz" unit that is controlled from my Roland G-505 "synth controller" guitar. It creates a soft "fuzz"-type overdrive, but it's hexaphonic, so you can play any chord and hear all the notes clearly, unlike a regular fuzz/overdrive pedal. This was one of Roland's early GR series of "guitar synth" units that came out in the early 80's I think (pre-midi), but unlike the other Roland GR products this isn't really a synth, it's more like 6 fuzz pedals in one.. It's a fully analog guitar signal, but it uses the guitar's built-in hexaphonic pickup instead of the regular pickups. The GR-100 unit also has built-in Filter, Vibrato and Chorus effects, but I'm not using these here. The "hex. fuzz"is controlled from the Roland G-505 guitar's built-in controls and switches.
Although the built-in hex. pickup on my Roland guitar basically is the same type as Roland's current GK pickups, it's not compatible with current guitar synths because of the different type of connectors. The Roland G-505 uses a large 24-pin connector that was discontinued years ago, but today Roland and Axon synth guitar systems uses a much more convenient 13-pin connector. So that's why I also have an additional Roland GK-3 pickup mounted on my Roland guitar.
Other pedals used: Ibanez Tube King pedal with gain on "0" just to warm up the sound a bit, an Electro-Harmonix Micro POG adding both an octave up and an octave down, Exar Compressor, Boss RV-5 reverb, Boss DD-6 Dig.Delay, Boss PS-5 Super Shifter and a Palmer "The Junction" DI Box.
mp3 version:"

Yamaha DX100

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Note the keys are raised/angled from the body. I think this is the first time I've noticed this.

"The Yamaha DX 100 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer incorporates digital FM tone generation technology. There are 49 mini keys. The DX 100 has a programmable 24-voice INTERNAL memory(RAM) from which any voice can be selected at the touch of a button, two 96-voice PRESET (ROM) memories for a total of 192 fine preset voices, a 96-voice BANK memory that permits storage of PRESET voices in any configuration for one-touch selection, and a cassette interface that permits unlimited storage of FM voices. The DX 100 is fully programmable, allowing you to create your own FM voices or sound effects. Broad MIDI compatibility is also provided so the DX 100 can control or be controlled via other MIDI-compatible music equipment, even a wind generator! It comes with a Yamaha power converter and will also run on batteries."

MATNA performing "Tokyo"

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"MATNA performing "Tokyo" live in Hamburg"
"Electronic Korg MS2000 ESX Electribe Novation Clavia Nord Electro Apple iBook MacBook VJ Beamer Kraftwerk live Ableton"

Bostich + Fussible / Mungo Sync2 /Nortec Collective

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"having fun with:
Mungo Sync2
Monome 256
Roland TB 303 (The Borg from Analogue Solutions)
RAT Distortion Pedal
electro-harmonix Memory Man Deluxe
MOLAR/Ableton Live

Nortec Collective presents: Bostich + Fussible

Spectralis & Ableton Live

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"Spectralis in sync. with Ableton Live, Atmosphere, Electribe EMX, RM1X and Kaoss Pad."

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