New Corsynth DR-01 Bass Drum 5U/MU Module

"All sounds from the Corsynth DR-01 Bass Drum module. Four DR-01 has been used to create these demos."

via Corsynth

"The DR-01 Bass Drum is the first of a new series of Corsynth modules dedicated to analog drum synthesis and it’s also the first module of this kind commercially available in MU format.

Create a drum sounds from scratch using a modular synthesizer is always time and resourcing

Modular & Mini Moogs through Sample & Hold

Published on Feb 22, 2018 noddyspuncture

"Modular and Mini (a proper Mini - not a 'clone'...) through my custom home brew sample & hold unit"

Arpeggio 3/2 filters

Published on Feb 22, 2018 Stotz Daniel Philipp

"For this patch I used 4 OSC, white noise, 3 VC-LFO, 2 filters: ARP 2600 filter and Variable State Filter (Q107 with filter mixer), 1 mixer, 3 ADSR, distributor, 1 VCA. Later on the video you will see the patch scheme."

Mos-lab Model 15 and 960 test with Moog 953 Keyboard controller

Published on Feb 22, 2018 seb17320

"Mos-lab Model 15 and 960 test with Moog 953 Keyboard controller.
All sound from Model 15. Multiple sequences are recorded at the same time. Solo and pad in a second phase (not seen in the video, only sound)."

Moog Officially Introduces the Moog Synthesizer IIIp

Published on Feb 20, 2018 Moog Music Inc

"Watch as Anthony Gonzalez and Joe Berry of M83 patch in and explore the Moog Synthesizer IIIp."

"In the late 1960s, Bob Moog and a team of ten skilled technicians began hand-building cutting-edge musical instruments that they called 'synthesizers' -- instruments that would radically change the landscape of music.

The world got turned on to the

Synthesizers.com Q119 Demos & Explanation by Dave Cornutt

Published on Feb 19, 2018 Dave Cornutt

"Demonstration of the Synthesizers.com Q119 analog sequencer"

See the write-up at Sequence 15.

Iron Chasm - Video Version - Model 15 and Vermona PERfourMER II

Published on Feb 18, 2018 Resonant Anvil

"The still-photo version that, in addition, uses a Ring Modulator is elsewhere on the channel."

MOS-LAB Model 15.

Moog Model 15 with 953 duo Moog Keyboard

via this auction

"Reissue. With 953 keyboard, patch cables, cover, manual ect."

Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese's Moog Modular 910 Power Supply

via this auction

"Moog Original 910 Power Supply module,

originally mounted in Edgar Froese's modular (Tangerine Dream) around 70/80

The mudule it was removed after the sale of modular, when this unit

has been dismantled worked perfectly but now it's not possible a check.

The only possibility to be able to get an originally modules mounted inside Tangerine Dream's Rack

An very rare piece

Moog Sonic6 - S&H - Bode...

Published on Feb 17, 2018 noddyspuncture

"Sonic-6 Sample & Hold through the Bode Frequency Shifter which in turn is controlled by the little (Studiomaster) modulation source unit that I repackaged onto a 1U Moog panel..."

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