4MS STS Peppa Pig tribute! - samples recorded at Horsham Piazza Italia 2018

Published on Apr 10, 2018 The Mad Music Machine

"Last weekend we took the Mad Music Machine to Horsham Piazza Italia. We showed young children how we could sample their voices and gave them the microphone and told them to say anything they liked.

We had some interesting results from the many children (and adults) that took part!

Our favourite moment was when a family with 3 young children

PATCH.CV - Dan Green - 4ms Company - “Pretty Things”

PATCH.CV - Dan Green - 4ms Company - "Pretty Things" from Patch: Controlling Voltage on Vimeo.

See this post for all videos in the PATCH.CV series.

4ms Modular Synth Socks

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Mutable Instruments Plaits Modal resonator bank (double mini Rings)

Published on Mar 23, 2018 Ebotronix

Mutable Instruments Plaits²
4ms QCD
Make Noise Wiard Wogglebug²
Doepfer 101-2²
FX; Merris Mercury7
Mackie the Mixer
vid #1758

4ms STS and E370 Drum Machine

Published on Mar 23, 2018 The Mad Music Machine

Another tutorial video from synth kid Caitlin!

"We have been invited to take the Mad Music Machine to the Horsham Piazza Italia Festival which features many Italian (and other) high performance cars.

We thought it would be fun to incorporate samples of these cars into our music. Here Caitlin creates a basic drum machine using drum samples in the

3 Modules #50: Dual Looping Delay, Clouds, Ears

Published on Mar 22, 2018 Comparative Irrelevance

"I know a lot of people build Eurorack systems to process external audio, and Clouds and DLD are both good candidates for that purpose, so let's give it a stab.

By the way, what are your thoughts on using external audio in this series? Do you think it goes against the premise of "just three modules"? My feeling is that it flies as long as it's

Tapographic Delay (TAPO) - Quantization

Published on Mar 1, 2018 4mspedals

"The Quantization feature is available starting in firmware version 1.1. Upgrade your Tapographic Delay by downloading the latest firmware file here: http://4mscompany.com/td.php"

4MS Stereo Triggered Sampler (STS) Tutorials

Published on Feb 23, 2018 once upon a synth

"Tutorial and overview of the 4MS STS Stereo Triggered Sampler eurorack module. This is a stereo sampler which can also behave like two independent mono samplers. You can sample in stereo or load files via an included micro SD card. It has volt per octave pitch control as well as CV control over start, length and sample. It's a great little sampler

Floating:Drifting (4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator)

Published on Feb 12, 2018 SineRider

"Simple patch with the 4ms SMR. Really pretty noises from this module! Still just scratching the surface of what it can do.

All sounds are from the SMR, processed through Folktek Alter 2, Clouds, and a Korgasmatron. Output is run through a TC Electronics Triple Delay, and Hall of Fame."

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