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Moog Music offers factory modifications for Etherwave Theremins

Etherwave Theremin power LED modificationEtherwave Theremin pitch preview modification

By popular demand, Moog Music has started offering 2 factory modifications for Etherwave theremins. One modification adds a red power LED so you can easily tell when your theremin is powered on. Interestingly, the original line of Etherwaves included a power LED, and I've always been curious why they removed it in later revs of the Etherwave.

Theremin Concerto wtih Harry Partch Ensemble

Partch Cone Gongs

Composer Elizabeth Brown will present the premiere of her Theremin Concerto 'Seahorse' with the Harry Partch Ensemble.

With this ensemble that specializes in works of Harry Partch and other composers who have written for the Partch Instrumentarium, the Theremin certainly won't seem odd on that stage at all.
Elizabeth's new work is scored for harmonic canon 1, adapted guitar, chromolodeon, diamond marimba, bass marimba, juststrokerods, and zoomoozophone as well as theremin! The program also includes Harry Partch's 11 Intrusions and should be a lovely evening.

Congratulations Elizabeth!
Hope some TW members in the area can make it, please let us know if you do.

Harry Partch Ensemble with Elizabeth Brown, Theremin
Beatrice Crawford Memorial Concert
Saturday, December 13, 2008 at 8:00 PM
Alexander Kasser Theater
Montclair, NJ
Phone: (973) 655-5112
Free, but tickets are needed.

New York Theremin Society - Nov. 29th


This year's New York Theremin Society presentation will feature Kip Rosser in a Solo Theremin performance, accompanied by a 3-D Projection show of Stereoscopic images of World War by the Depthography Group.

This program brings Kip's unique and evocative theremin style together with an extremely rare collection of 200, 90 year old, French emulsion-on-glass stereo plates that recorded the brutality and devastation of the World's first "modern" war.

...and a Lothar New Year.

Since Santa and his gang have been thrust upon us by the stores even earlier this year, you may be getting an early start on your holiday shopping.

Check out the Lothars Online Shopping Emporium for those Aether-Heads on your list!
Besides their recordings (must haves for any Theremin Addict), they've added

Nadia Reisenberg & Clara Rockmore Foundation Web Site

Nadia and Clara As Children

The family and friends of Clara Rockmore and her sister Nadia Reisenberg have been very busy for the past few years.Since the initial formation of the Nadia Reisenberg/Clara Rockmore Foundation, we have been able to enjoy re-releases of classic, and some previously unavailable recordings by these remarkable sister virtuosos.

The foundation has just launched a new web site to serve as a public archive for these important musicians.

Lev Termen - Passed Into History Nov. 3rd

Monday, Nov 3rd, was the 15th anniversary of Lev Termen's passing into the Aether. This has been such an historic week, I was not able to do him the honor of a memento until today. Gosh, 15 years already, that man changed our lives. We cannot let him be forgotten!
Hope you have a moment this week to think of him.
Keep On Playing!

2 new additions to our music shop

Just in time for the holidays, we've added 2 new essential listening albums to our music shop:

Spellbound! Original Works For Theremin by Lydia Kavina (also available as a downloadable MP3 album for $9.99)

Spellbound Will Scare the Aether Outtya!

Spellbound Halloween

It is SkooOO000OOooky Theremin Time Again.
The infamous Spellbound Halloween is on it's way!

This year's Halloween special is on....Halloween! A special night and time, HALLOWEEN Friday night, Oct. 31st, at 10 PM Eastern US time on Cygnus Radio. Two hours and change of new and play list Halloween music!

If you have scared yourself playing and got a recording

Important Fun: Thereminists for Obama

Thereminists For Obama button

I promise, I had nothing to do with this! is offering a "Thereminists for Obama" button for a mere $1. Sure, Bill Clinton could play the saxophone, but that's nothing compared to a theremin-playing President!

MoogLab: Live Video Controlled by Theremin

MoogLab HatchFest 08

The Bob Moog Foundation has not only been doing great work to catalogue Bob's archives but tremendous outreach too. As an embodiment of the mission to carry on his innovations fitting together as a new organic whole the human and the technical, Sean McDonald and other foundation members worked with HatchFest (an arts festival focused on innovation which is held regionally in different parts of the country), and the software group VidVox on some cool new Theremin Magic.

Treat Yourself :)