Shadow, now on Soundcloud in its etirety.

My last album "Shadow", first announced here on Synthwire, can now be listened to online in its entirety. Shadow (full album) by Carbon111A complete gearlist-per-track is available here if you're curious about the synths used.

Gas 0095 15 Year Anniversary Collection Giveaway

The analog Gas 0095 album (Moog, Roland, Korg, Emu, Sequential Circuits) was first released fifteen years ago this month. To celebrate, we're giving away the Gas 0095 Collection (inc Scale Minimoog model), plus we'll have other Gas 0095 posts and interviews over the next couple of weeks, including a Q&A (submit your questions here...)Gas 0095 - giga zoomA mix of tracks from the Gas 0095 album accompany a microscopic journey into the album art.Select 480P for higher quality or Watch in HD here...Simply add a comment to our blog post (link) to be in with a chance to win. The first name out of the quantum random number generator will win the Gas 0095 Collection...Gas 0095 Collection = CD, t-shirt (Gas or High Skies), flac 24bit, MP3 320k including digital booklet, plus Microscopics Minimoog, Moog Modular and mini Gas 0095 models.Two runners-up will win the Gas 0095 collection minus the t-shirt.Draw will take place on Monday 8th March.Simple, just add a comment now.Also, ask any question about Gas 0095; gear, recording, artwork, names, Emit, techniques etc here......

High Skies - Sounds of Earth

We're pleased to announce the release of the new High Skies - Sounds of Earth EP.Blade Runner meets Voyager, Deckard meets Sagan. Six tracks of analog, deep phased electronics.Includes the track 'The Shape of Things to Come' (free download) from the ambient game 'Osmos'.Includes a 'Get this EP for free' offerEQUIPMENT USEDRoland Jupiter 6Oberheim Matrix 6Cheetah MS6Akai S612Roland AP2Listen and buy now at

Osmos the Ambient Electronic Game

Enter the ambient world of OSMOS: elegant, physics-based gameplay,dreamlike visuals, and a minimalist, electronic soundtrack.Only $10 from on Steam and Direct2DriveMusic on the above video is by Mat Jarvis (Gas and High Skies)more at objective is to grow by absorbing other motes. Propel yourself by ejecting matterbehind you. But be wise: ejecting matter also shrinks you. Relax, good things come tothose who wait.Progress from serenely ambient levels into varied and more challenging worlds. Confrontattractors, repulsors and intelligent motes with similar abilities and goals as you.Osmos soundtrack featuring Gas, High Skies, Biosphere, Julien Neto, Loscil and others.Demo available now from

Waldorf Largo PDF manual available

Waldorf has the manual for the new Largo VSTi synthesizer available for download.

Parallel Worlds 'Shade' (DiN32) Album

DiN32 - Shade by Parallel Worlds
Release date 23rd March 2009

Shade is the studio album follow-up to Obsessive Surrealism (DiN26 - 2007) and is the fifth CD release by Parallel Worlds (the main musical project of Greek electronic musician Bakis Sirros).

Parallel Worlds employ a vast arsenal of both vintage and modern analogue modular synthesisers with extensive use of classic sequencing techniques to produce a sonic world that combines modern electronica and ambient music styles with the feel of retro electronic music. His attention to detail is astonishing and his careful sculpting of sounds and textures produce an organic, ever evolving atmosphere full of half glimpsed meanings and subdued emotions. The purely electronic rhythms and beats seem to have a life of their own and showcase a musician who is a virtuoso with these types of instruments that are the antithesis of the quick fix pick-a-preset mind set of much of todays society. Musically he likes to explore various states of mind, no doubt influenced by his medical background and this adds a tension and darkness to his compositions that are punctuated by disarmingly simple and wistful melodies.

With Shade Parallel Worlds show a musical maturity and command of sonic atmospherics that takes the music on a journey, moving through dreams and shades, aiming for the light.

audio clips and info here:

this album is full of analogue modular synths, including the Serge modular music system, Analogue Systems RS-Integrator modular, Doepfer A100 modular, Arp 2600, EMS VCS3, Technosaurus Selector system D, Livewire/Plan B/Harvestman modular, Metalbox/CGS modular, Analogue Solutions Concussor modular, Korg MS50, Oberheim 4 Voice modular, etc...

some reviews links:

a short review from the US 'Electronic Musician' Magazine, May Issue:

review in the Morpheus Music website:

(rating 5 / 5)

and another review on the Reflections Of Darkness webmag:

(rating 8.5 / 10)
review in Encyclopedia Of Electronic Music:

another review:

from webmag:

(rating 8 / 10)

short comment from Bob Williams / Analogue Systems (

"With his latest offering Shade, Bakis has released his best work so far.
There is some impressive sound design going on here and the mixture of analogue and digital synthesis is inspired" ----Bob Williams

more comments:

from Alio Die (

"I just got your new album and I'm listening to it, and again it is
great!!!!!!! as usual and more than usual!
Great electronic music, your peculiar liquid rhythms and unique analogue
sounds, are so meticulously assorted together... your dreamy cocktail of
vitality, organic with a slight subtle nostalgia, have no comparison
with others.. it is your personal style, and I like it !
You have a strong passion, and a great ability, I hope you'll get the
acknowledgment you deserve :)
Stefano/Alio Die"

from Italian webmag:


review in Sonic Immersion webmag:

The "Shade" Album is Available to buy from the DiN store ($18.00 including worldwide postage) :

plus in many other cd shops and online outlets worldwide, such as:

Rough Trade:



Cd Universe:

Little Universe:

Analogue Haven:

plus many other shops...

and as a Digital Download in MusicZeit (mp3 and FLAC formats).

(it will be available in many other downloads outlets in the future)

Parallel Worlds / Interconnected / Memory Geist

Yellow Stranger

A few years ago, I held onto a Waldorf Q for quite some time despite the fact that it was in fairly shabby condition due to prior mistreatment and a nasty FedEx shipping mishap. Regardless, I was able to build up a nice library of sounds on a couple of Q memory cards before it was eventually sold.

Just this last week I stumbled across a rather nice-condition Q courtesy of Noisebug and, thanks to a timely tax refund, was able to add it to the studio.

I really missed this quirky "yellow stranger" with its massive mod matrix and dual filters, especially the bizarre tuned combs! Because of the Q cards I had stashed away, I've already got a good head-start on programming. ;)

Except for drums and some spoken word, the following song is all Waldorf Q:

Shadow is finally released!

Well it's finally done - mixed, mastered, duplicated, barcoded and shrinkwrapped!

After a couple of namechanges, a new logo and a complete rework of the front cover graphics, Shadow is finally ready!

I have it available here on CD Baby. ^_^

It's been a long six years in the making and I'm really proud of this release as I've taken my time and tried to address every little detail. Many songs had to be remixed numerous times so as to fit better within the "character" of the CD and some had to be saved for another release entirely as they didn't mesh well with the other pieces, most notable amongst these were my weird Serge Modular pieces - they'll be getting their own CD later this year, probably this Fall.

Mastering Shadow turned out to be a fairly hairy business that I eventually accepted was beyond a mere "mix engineer" like myself. After many days spent mastering, re-mastering and starting from scratch again, again and again, I decided to have a professional do it. I've discovered that mastering is very different than the kind of engineering I'm used to on the "frontend" of a piece of music. I called in George Mattson for the task and he has exceeded my highest expectations.

The cover was originally a black and white image designed specifically to be well-suited for silkscreening, a technique that turned out to be too expensive this time around, so I decided to create a brand new cover image to take advantage of the full-color standard CD cover:

Here's a few of the pieces featured on Shadow:

Arrival 5:27
A contemplative tune grounded by Nord Stage E-piano. Lead synth is by Nord Wave, "rhythm" by Juno 60 and weird ambiences by NI Reaktor & NI Absynth 4.
Bicycle 7:42
The SCI Six-Track takes up rhythmic bass duties while two pianos courtesy of the Nord Stage and NI's Massive weave complimentary lines. Oasys provides the FM pad and Absynth provides some ambiance.
Crows for Marie 5:25
A "piano-ambient-thing". The piano is "Marie", my old Baldwin spinet, the background is Nord Modular percussion, Nord Modular insects, Nord Modular FM pad and a Prophet'08 triangle pad.

Here's a complete gearlist-per-track:

E-piano - Nord Stage
Lead - Nord Wave
Rhythmic Arp - Roland Juno 60
Ambience - NI Reaktor, NI Absynth 4

Everything - Nord Wave

Lead - Yamaha VL1
Bass - DSI Prophet '08
Ambience - Waldorf Microwave XT
Drums - Korg Electribes ER-1, ES-1

Bass Sequence - SCI 6-Trak
Mellow Piano - Nord Stage
Bright Piano - NI Massive
Seagulls - Waldorf Microwave XT
Ambience - NI Absynth 4

All Synth Sounds - John Bowen Solaris Prototype
Drums - Korg Electribe ES-1

E-Piano - Nord Stage
FM Bell - Nord Stage
Electric Grand - Nord Wave
Voxy Lead - Nord Wave
FM Whistle - OASYS
Bass1 - OASYS
Bass2 - Roland Juno 60
Bright Arp - OASYS
Drums - OASYS

Synth Sax - Yamaha VL1
Woodwind - Yamaha VL1
Growl Pad - Roland V-Synth
Smooth Pad - DSI Polyevolver Keyboard
Drums - Korg Electribe ES-1

Piano - Marie (Baldwin "Acrosonic" Spinet)
Percussion - Nord Modular
FM Pad - Nord Modular
Triangle Pad - DSI Prophet '08
Insects - Nord Modular

Piano - Marie (Baldwin "Acrosonic" Spinet)
Pad1 - Korg Lambda
Pad2 - Korg Lambda
Syn Choir - Korg Lambda
Ambience - Waldorf Microwave XT
Drums - Korg Electribe ER-1

E-Piano - Kurzweil K2600
Percussion - Nord Modular
Ambience - Nord Modular

If weird, experimental, modular excursions are more to your interest, I've also re-released my dark ambient album Touch.

Alphabet Soup #1: The Dual Universal Slope Generator

This is first in a series of introductory articles, each focusing on a specific Function Block of the Serge Modular synthesizer.

The DSG is one of the most flexible synthesizer modules ever conceived as it can be patched to cover so many very different functions and yet, in some ways, remains very simple in concept. The low-level building blocks engender marvelous complexity!

The Page can be reached directly:

...or through my Index of Serge Pages:

Treat Yourself :)